Review : SKII Facial Treatment Essence

After my last post on the SKII StemPower Skincare... I checked and realised that I didn't do a review on the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I have been wanting to do a review on it but I donno why I didn't (I'm lazy and sometimes.. I spent my time on other nonsense random stuff then taking pics/blogging....)

The bottle I'm showing in this post was from the Red Flower Limited Edition (came out last year 2014 around October - I think...). Over the years, SK-II had many collaboration with designer/brands for their limited editon bottle designs and most of them are pretty cute and pretty! I enjoy the limited edition bottle cos it's pretty refreshing.

The treatment essence feels like a toner.. not like the usual Japanese lotion where it is slighty thicker in the consistency... this is pretty light, watery and refreshing to touch!

I like to use it with Watsons air-laid facial puffs (this is much thinner and it doesn't tear or have cotton residues) as compare to the normal cotton square puffs. And it use lesser product with air-laid facial puffs too.

Both are available at Watsons
(I think it cost about $2/$2.20 per box of 100 pieces)

 So.. I will soak up the top part of the air-laid facial puff and it moist enough to pat it all over my skin ... the Facial Treatment essence feels really cooling on the skin (so refreshing) and it smell good when I just pour out the essence and during the application... once it set.. it has a very weird smell (it's the pitera (it stink a bit.. I'm quite ok with the scent~)

Skin feel hydrated, supple and pretty soothing (may be a bit too strong when your skin is very weak or having some sensitive/allergy issue.. I will avoid using it when my skin is pretty weak~)

I noticed that after using the Facial treatment essence for about a week, skin start to look more radiance (depend on your skin condition.. if your skin always look so radiance and healthy.. you won't see the effect that soon... but you can feel that the skin is feeling good and becoming more youthful).

I remember back when I'm in my 20s... the SKII Facial Treatment Essence kinda irritate my skin.. I have break-outs and tiny red spots all around my face. So do remember to test it out before buying (go to the counter, do a skin age test with the magic ring and ask for a sample... the BA are more willing to helps and show you how to make your skin look younger ^_^).

Over all... I really enjoying using this Facial Treatment Essence, it's refreshing, soothing, moisturizing and make my skin feel smooth and supple ... Oh and it does enhance the absorption of the moisturizer (work well with SKII and other brand moisturizers~)

 This is the original bottle - if you didn't know 
(which I doubt so.. since most ppls heard and knew about SK-II)

Availabe at SKII counters (Tangs, Sephora, Takashimaya, Isetan~)
From S$99(150ml) onwards  (The FTE has differenr sizes)

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