Review : Naturalium Bath and Shower Gel in Green Apple

When it comes to bath and shower gel, I'm not very adventurous because I always use Johnson and Johnson Soap free baby bath (it's more skin friendly for my skin). But I do try out interesting brands to spice up my boring shower routine.

So when I received the Naturalium Bath and Shower Gel (I chose Green apple - cos they smell amazing. .I means the real fruit la). The brand said that their bath and shower gel will nourish our skin with an irresistible smell of fresh fruit. (Fun~)

About the brand 
Naturalium, the new brand for hygiene skin care. It smells like real fresh fruit.
Let the powerful aroma of fresh fruit to invade your room, bathroom and travel yourself to the best moments of your life. With the lingering fruity scent, Naturalium refreshes your mind when you smell the juicy peach, an acid green apple, a slice of fresh melon and an exotic mango. 

Naturalium Bath and Shower Gel (500ml) - A creamy Bath gel with soft texture that provides maximum smoothness and care for your skin. The cloud of foam Naturalium will invade your shower with 4 different highly refreshing and rich fragrances. (Peach, Green Apple, Melon and Mango)

  • The bath and shower gel does smell amazing - like the real green apple scent. So yummy
  • And the consistency of the gel was thick and moisturizing
  • Wash off easily and the scent linger for awhile.... (not very lasting though)
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation
  • Feel quite moisturizing (but I still need my body lotion .. cos my skin was quite drying)
I like that this products does not contain Parabens, Colorants, Phthalates and Phenoxyethanol. Pretty skin friendly (even for my sensitive/eczema skin)


Retailing at S$12.90 (Introductory Price at $9.90 until June 2015)  
Available at selected Giant, Sasa and Departmental Stores 

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