Review : Belif Extreme Vanilla Lip balm

Lipbalm is kinda like my must have products... I breath with my mouth most of the time so keeping my lips hydrated is very important!

I love thick lipbalm the most because it stay on the lips longer and will heal dry flasky skin around the lips faster. So this today, I'm sharing my thoughts on how I feel about the Belif Extreme Vanilla Lip balm.

Belif lip balm came in a tube packaging and it contains 10ml of products.

Ingredients list
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I prefer twist up balm type for the easy application in the dark (I may woke up in the middle of the night ... feel that my lips are drying and I need more balm on the lips... lolx). But I don't mind using these type of squeeze out tube during the day.

  • It's feels quite moist, balmy and feels quite thick.
  • Doesn't feel too sticky
  • I love the thickness.. it keep my lips hydrated.
  • Has a very sweet scent... a mixture of vanilla and candy scent.
  • Taste really sweet too (not yucky type of sweetness!)
  • Feels quite soothing on the lips and it last quite well on the lips
  • Doesn't cause any irritation
  • No burning sensation also
Overall, I quite enjoy using this lipbalm... it does had a shiny/glossy(but not like lipgloss type of glossy) finishing.

Belif Extreme Vanilla Lip balm
Price : S$16

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