Goodies from Bath and Body Works

It's always happy to receive goodies in the mail and this time round... I got some pretty fun stuff from Bath and Body Works. So this gonna be like a "haul" post... which I hardly do anymore~

We will always need one (or more) tiny bottle(s) of sanitizer in our bag!
Bath and Body Works Copacabana coconut and Rio Samba Sunset

Bath and Body Works Cool Amazon Rain body lotion

Bath and Body Works Fresh Brazil Citrus body lotion

Bath and Body Works Jungle Passion Fruit Deep Cleansing Hand Soap

Bath and Body Works Lush Pink DragronFruit Shower Gel
This is interesting.. cos I love Dragon fruit!!!
This is very sweet.. more sweeter then the fragrance mist  (below)

Bath and Body Works Lush Pink DragonFruit fine fragrance mist
This really smell like dragon fruit

Bath and Body Works Brazilian Blue Water Scented Candle

I'm going to smell good in my room, in the shower and outside for sometimes with these babies!!!

Bath and Body Works are available at Takashimaya and Marina Bay Sands
Price range wise (quite affortable!!!)

Check out their facebook page for more great deals/promotion

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