The Black Paint brand new tea soap with 6 different choices

BLACK PAINT®, an organic skincare brand established in Kyoto years ago by Myyuki Co.Ltd. recently launches a range of tea soap. They will be in Singapore for a limited period of time (testing market see how Singaporean feels about this range of soap).

I love using tea products,  they smell yummy and feel really good on the skin... especially on my sensitive skin. (Soothing and work quite well on the various brands that I've tried before)

These 6 Tea soaps wasn't cheap to begin with.. they are retailing at $99 per soap (but they are HUGE...) A soap filled with organic ingredients.

Sencha Tea Soap
Rich in vitamin C & Theanine which provides great nourishment to the skin and moisturizes it. For whitening and acne treatment.

Matcha Tea Soap
Contains plenty of Carrageenan. Contains Pore-tightening effect, Anti-bacterial effect and it helps to fight pimples/acne.

Koicha Tea soap
The richest & highest grade tea. Helps slow down skin aging. Fights spots/ pigmentation. Helps fight sagging & wrinkles.

Kabusecha Tea Soap
Perfectly balanced Theanine & catechin. Helps create an even skin texture. Helps fight skin sagging & wrinkles.

Houji Sencha Tea Soap
For delicate skin. To treat red face and dry skin.

Gyokuro Tea Soap
Helps prevent skin aging. Visibly fight skin sagging & smile lines.

My pick
Koicha Tea soap
I was having a hard time deciding between Houji Sencha Tea soap and Koicha Tea Soap (lolx) 

Sorry the ingredients list was in Japanese!!

I know I didn't talk much about Black Paint on the blog... but I do shared it on my Instagram and my friends (kekekke~)... anyway, I will talk more about this soap once I try it out for a period of time....(promise) if my skin never have any issue... my skin wasn't acting like normal ever since the allergie episode... but I'm feeling better ....

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