Review | GoodSkin Labs Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift and Circle Reducer

After finishing the whole tube of The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso 2 in 1 Brightening eye cream, I dig out the GoodSkin Labs Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift and Circle Reducer (which I received from an event I've attended months ago.)

GoodSkin Labs have some really decent products that helps to make skin look younger... and this is my first time trying out their eye care products.  Eyliplex-2 have a day gel and a night balm and both works together to helps reduce dark circle, firm and lift up the skin around the eye areas.

Said to have visible results in 8 weeks.... 
  • I believe you will see more if your eye ares have more issue (like mine.. dryness, fine lines and dark circles)
  • As for those with good genes/younger skin(or just being young like teenager!)...
    prevention prevention prevention~ (lolx)

The day gel helps to lifts and tightens the eye area while the night balm(cream) helps to boost natural collagen production and help restore skin's firmness while we sleep. Both work around the clock to give us a younger looking eyes. (Hmm... really interesting right??)

Cute isn't it... look like contact lens holder (jar?)

Day gel ::
Like cream type of consistency - quite watery(not too gel-ish)
Doesn't feel sticky not oily
Absorb really fast and nicely onto the skin
Quite soothing and refreshing on the skin
Moisturizing and doesn't mess up with "makeup"
Doesn't cause any irritation

Night Balm ::
Creamy and has a light tint of "oily" feel
The consistency wasn't waxy or balmy thick
Melts into the skin nicely
Skin feel soft and supple
Doesn't cause any irritation
Very moisturizing

The scent of both day gel and night balm doesn't smell too great - no sweet fragrance.. just very lotion-y (smell like skincare ingredients~) and good thing was that the scent won't linger on the skin.

Personally I really enjoy the night balm.. I love the creamy yet light weight finishing... how soft it makes my skin feels and it doesn't look oily nor cause any milia seeds.

I find that the combination of both day gel and night balm... it does helps to minimize my under eyes fine line.. the lines doesn't look dry and deep and my under eyes won't look dry after foundation (which always look extra dry after applying foundation).

I see a tiny results after using (Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift and Circle Reducer) daily for about 4/5 days.... I was so happy because at first, the day gel doesn't feel too fantastic... Just very normal like a lot of eye cream/gel.

After more then a month of using... the under eyes areas look more supple and less tired .. I still have dark eye circles (that's the problem cause by the sinus~)

Then I stop using it to try another NEW eye serum for about 3 weeks... then I noticed the huge different... my under eyes look a bit dry.  The eye serum was a bit too light for my skin typ!! But why does it feel so nice and soothing on the skin~ (I will talk more about the other eye serum another day)

So I switch back to Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift and Circle Reducer for about 3 days now and it start to feel less dying (this is when I decided to share my thoughts on the blog~ Good stuff must share! kekeke)

Anyway... I really enjoying using this products... it's moisturizing, soothing and it works!!! 

Ingredients list

GoodSkin Labs Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift and Circle Reducer is available at SaSa Singapore

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