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I got this Albion Eclafutur around the time when I'm having some issue with my skin (I have a lot of skin related problems in 2014 - hive/ezcema inflammation/face allergy... swollen eyes and ects... I'm just so happy that I've left most of the problems in 2014!!! Weeee~)

This awesome product was just sitting in my cupboard for months and when I think my skin is feeling better.... I need a good serum/essence (yet not so "strong" for sensitive skin) to helps strengthen my skin (skin cell/skin barrier). So.... I decided to give this a try. And I'm glad I did!!!!

Before I start telling you how I feel about this serum... here's are some information I find it interesting from the "product release"

“Eclafutur” was coined from “├ęclat” and “futur,” French terms meaning “radiance” and “future,” respectively, to express the product’s potential for realizing a future of radiant skin.

Developed in partnership with distinguished medicinal drug research firm NanoCarrier, the serum features a state-of-the-art drug delivery system that swiftly delivers active ingredients carefully and exclusively selected by ALBION deep into the skin, where they stay and continue to act. The quick-permeating serum delivers a superb smoothness in an instant, promoting a refined texture and firmness that impart brightness to the whole facial expression. Conditioning the cells to their optimum state on a daily basis brings a beautiful transformation to the skin. “Eclafutur” is the new regimen for maintaining radiance, one, 10 and 20 years into the future.

[Product features]
  • A serum designed to be used as the first step in the skincare routine
    Because skin accumulates invisible damage every day due to stress, UV rays, excessive dieting, sleep loss and other factors, the damage needs to be repaired daily. By using the serum at the start of the daily skincare routine, cells are quickly conditioned and restored to their optimum state, helping the skin stay healthy.
  • Supportive ingredients complement skin benefits
    “Eclafutur” is richly formulated with treatment and moisturizing ingredients that energize the cells. This creates a virtuous circle that delivers moisturizing benefits to every millimeter of the skin, promoting skin that is beautiful from the source.
  • A texture fine-tuned for women’s skin
    “Eclafutur” was perfected to uncompromising standards, including its exquisite texture and fragrance. The refreshing feel of use, which bursts forth the moment the serum is applied, and the soft, clear fragrance makes the skincare routine even more blissful.

Scent :
Main note of light and invigorating citruses such as bergamot and orange, blended with lavish and sweet floral scents, including rose and jasmine. And a hint of relaxing cedar wood has been added.

Two of the powerful active ingredients that mades Eclafutur "eclafutur"~
Ryukyu ganebu (grape) and Cupuacu butter

[Active ingredients]
Vitis ficifolia Bunge var. ganebu Hatusima leaf extract, Theobroma grandiflorum seed butter, Arginine, Citrulline, Histidine, Sodium alginate (Acetyl glutamic acid), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL), Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate) , Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Serine, Sodium PCA, Sodium lactate

This is a serum that you use right after cleansing ... follow by your toner/lotion then moisturizer... if you used Albion skincare... this is the first step after cleansing! (1)Cleanse (2)Eclafutur (3)Softening Milk lotion (4)Refining toner (5)moisturizer.

This is a serum that quickly repairs the damage cells suffer on a daily basis...  repairing skin cell at the beginning of our beauty regimen and helps to restore the functions of all the skin cells, creating healthy and beautiful skin.

  • The consistency of the serum is like serum (slimy/oily and very watery)
  • spread easily all over the skin and absorb nicely and very well into the skin without any greasiness. (Skin feel velvety smooth)
  • the serum feels nice and soothing on the skin
  • Doesn't cause any irritation on my sensitive (newly recovered allergy skin)
  • I find that it helps to enhance the hydration level of the moisturizer (makes skincare works better)
The results that you see (on the mirror) wasn't that obvious.. but I can feel it. My skin gets irritated easily (even when I do nothing on it)... and I find that after using the serum for about 3 weeks. My skin had become stronger and I have less irritation over time (maybe because I was recovering and skin will feel better each day... I guess this product does helps to speed up the process!) Overall, I really enjoy using it.. cos my skin look fresh, hydrated, stronger and the serum does makes my skin feel soft and supple!

I've tried using this serum together with other brand's skincare and it works great together.
I've used a moisturizer that was meant for combination skin (younger skin.. I'm in my mid-thirty and I need cream instead of gel moisturizer PLUS I sleep in air-con room... so my skin was quite dehydrated most of the time)... this serum helps to boost up the hydration level and my skin doesn't feel too drying when I'm using a light-weight moisturizer that was meant for younger or oily skin.

If you don't have much skin issue... I guess this would be a good boosting serum to helps enhance your skincare products!

Albion Eclafutur
Price : S$167 (40ml)
Available at Takashimaya

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