Bite-sized skincare - Koplina Jellies, Green Aojiru Matcha and Giveaway

Having healthy and beautiful skin are something we have to work on... I know that "gene" plays a big part but it won't last forever. Skin and health will go down hill if we never good take care of it.

We need to take care of our skin from inside and out - Having a a good skincare routine... even a simple moisturizer can do much then apply nothing. A well balance diet filled with tones of healthy foods that are high in antioxidant. Supplement is an good addition especially when we don't eat enough fruits, vegetable and oils (omega).

One of my favourite form of supplement are jellies (I believe most peoples will enjoy jelly because it feels like snacking! lolx)... they are yummy, easy to carry around and doesn't have that fishy smell nor taste that some collagen juice have.

Koplina a well-known brand of beauty supplements from Japan has reached our shore... bringing us their yummy Koplina Jellies. #nomnomnom

Made in Japan from natural juices instead of artifical flavouring, Koplina Jellies are packed in conveniently small strips that come in 3 flavours - Peach, melon and rose (each formulated to target specific skin needs).

A dynamic duo edible jellies and beverages offer the best of both worlds to the health and beauty conscious ::
  • Jump-start the body's natural detoxification process each morning with the Koplina Green Aojiru Matcha (which boasts a rich and balanced combination of natural, beneficial ingredients such as young barley grass and kyoto Uji Matcha.) Aojiru (green drink/juice in English) has been a popular health supplement in Japan for over the last 75 years or so - often being touted as Japanese secret to longevity.
  • For a mid-day snack, a range of Koplina Jellies cater to 3 different skincare needs in various flavours (Peach, melon and rose)

Sip and Eat our way to radiance skin

Placenta Jelly with Royal jelly
S$28 (A box of 10strips)
**Not suitable for muslim**

For brighter, smoother complexion
Rose Flavoured (contains real peach juice and royal jelly)

Pig placenta extract is a key ingredient in this yummy supplement, which helps to lighten freckles, pigmentation and dark spots, while also adding to skin elasticity and diminishing the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles. Royal jelly helps to fight the effects of aging, while collagen is present to keep the skin smooth and supple.

Among the 3 flavours - I love this one the most. I'm not a fan of peach and although this does contains peach juice - the taste just wasn't that strong, I guess the lovely rose scent cover it up nicely. Sweet, citrusy and yummy :P

I not too sure whether my skin is getting better, smoother or supple... I just know that I have been nomming stuff that are good for my skin (rather then chips and unhealthy snacks) and that kinda make me feel better. Collagen supplement takes time.. just like any other supplement or Vitamins (Got eat better then no eat, right??? lolx)

Koplina Collagen Jelly
S$28 (A box of 10strips)

Peach flavoured (Contains real peach juice)

A peach flavoured treat, the Koplina collagen jelly is packed with collagen, a complex structural protein to keep the skin smooth and supple; hyaluronic acid to retain and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as with six types of vitamins (C, B1, B2, Niacin, B12, Folic acid) to support radiant skin, healthy hair and strong nails.

If you are a fan of peach... you gonna enjoy nomming this - has a strong peach flavour but not too strong like the real fruit.. has alittle bit of the "collagen" aftertaste (because of the high contents of collagen in this jelly).... but not as bad as those really strong collagen juice. 

Koplina CoQ10 Jelly
S$28 (A box of 10strips)

Contains real Hokkaido melon juice
Rich in collagen, CoQ10 and Vitamin C, Koplina CoQ10 Jelly effectively combats the effects of aging by regaining and retaining skin's elasticity and firmness.

I can't remember whether this got the "collagen" after taste... all I do remember was it taste like melon... yummy melon jelly!!!

Koplina Green Aojiru Matcha
S$69 (30 sachets) / S$36 (15 sachets)

Aojiru has long been touted as a Japanese secret to good health and longevity, ever since its development in 1943 - a popular Japanese vegetable drink which translates directly to "green juice"

I know green juice (a mixture of vegetable and fruits) are always good for the body.. it's like salad in a cup!! I love green juice cos some fruits/vegetable I don't like will taste oh-so-yummy when mixed together!

If you are suffer from irregular eating habits and constipation, dine out on a regular basis or indulge in oily foods and meant often, Koplina Green Aojiru Match will ease these dietary-related problems within 4-6 weeks.

Made from young barley grass, mulberry leaves, lactobacillus and Kyoto Uji matcha, the product offer the following benefits:
  • Helps to detoxify the body
  • Improves metabolism
  • Improves skin condition 
  • Defies the effects of ageing
  • Improves intestinal health 
  • Lowers blood sugar 
  • Provides essential fibre often missing from modern diets

High in dietary fibre, rion, folic acid and Vitamin A, the detoxifying drink contains the following ingredients ::

For beauty and for health
The unique, all-natural formula of Koplina Green Aojiru Matcha is targeted to boost intestinal health and metabolism; lower blood sugar and provide essential fibres that are often missing from a modern diet, especially for those who do not regularly consume vegetables. Furthermore, its detoxifying effects are known to bring out a clearer, more radiant complexion as the body functions at its best.

Daily Morning cleanse
Koplina Green Aojiru Matcha is most effective when consumed in the mornings on an empty stomach, while body is ready in natural detox mode and its absorption rate is at its optimum.

Each 2.5g sachet of this versatile, pleasant-tasting drink can be mixed with 80ml of cold or lukewarm water, milk, yoghurt or any other beverage. 1-2 sachets can be taken on a daily basis.

This little sachet contains so much goodness... too bad I'm allergy to Mulberry... else I will be taking this every morning!!! (Pass it to my dad since he's a fan of Mulberry leave tea or Mulberry... I hope he will like this~)

You can mix this in juice, tea, soya milk, yoghurt, ice-cream or mochi ... my dad say he's going to add this in his kopi-O Kosong~ (it will become Yuanyang.... lolx)

Directions:   Take 1 to 2 sachets daily.  Mix each sachet with 80 ml of water, milk, yogurt or your choice of beverage.
Note:   Do not  use hot water or hot beverage.

Koplina is giving away A box of Koplina Jelly (random flavour) to 2 of readers/followers

All you have to do are::

Koplina will be available at all SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus, Pink Parlour, Nishino Pharmacy and John Little Outlets as well as Viland (Far East Plaza) and Robinsons (Raffles City Shopping 

Also available on their website

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