Monday, December 28, 2015

Inoue Seikoen - Natural Skincare straight from the farm

Lately, I have been so all over the place (I really don't know what I'm busying at... I just can't find the time to sit down and go thru pics and reading press releases) that I didn't do much blogging which resulting in a lot of backlog.. (I will slowly go thru everything that I've been introduced these couple of months).

I have a cozy little private tour (together with miwitch sometimes back) on Inoue Seikoen at Takashimaya (level 3).

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Review : DHC Launches their Hair are Range

Hair care, I'm sorry to say that I don't do much on taking care of my hair other than washing it (my scalp is my main concerns).  I don't apply hair products, hardly style my hair (because #IAMLAZY) or do hair treatment (I do hair mask or use conditioner like maybe once or twice a month~).

I guess it's all depend on the type of hair and scalp you have. I have quite sensitive scalp (which get  irritated very easily and they like to pop up pimples oh-so-very-often!) plus my hair was pretty hydrated - only the hair ends may look a bit dry (but I cut my hair recently, so they look and feel pretty good now). Because of my sensitive scalp and hydrated hair... they look oily and feel oily very easily and this explain why I love balancing or oil-control shampoo!

Anyway... did y'all see the hair care range from DHC at Watsons?? I got the Light & Smooth Shampoo + conditioner and Revitalizing Hair Care Shampoo + Conditioner both sound good for my hair and scalp. (In this post will be reviewing the Light & Smooth range)

Friday, December 25, 2015

3CE haul from Beautiful.Me

Remember few months back I blogged about this NEW members only eShopping club "Beautiful.Me"? Finally... after a few months, they launched and I have been browsing around checking out the products and ects~ (they have all kinds of discount... and I placed my order!)

I got mainly 3CE products (because I've only tried one of their primer and foundation and I'm quite curious about their colors makeup!) plus some random stuff that you might not be interested in (lolx)

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Urban Decay Spectrum eyeshadow palette + swatches

Back in October, Urban Decay Singapore will only bring in 50 pcs of the Spectrum eyeshadow palette and this will only be available at the store at VIVO City (not available at Sephora)... So I hought I might not be able to get it since I love sleeping so much! lolx

Luckily, my sister told me to just go and see... and woohoo~ I got it!! Although I already own most of the pretty colors (from other #UrbanDecay Palettes..) but seeing them all together makes me happy~

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Benefit Limited Edition Beneholiday

Christmas is this Friday... OMGOSH, where have all my time went to??? I still in the shopping moods and I've done all my Christmas shopping! Maybe I should just get more things??? lolx

I received this Benefit Get Your Party On Beneholiday Set and a limited edition they're Real Mascara from Benefit~ thanks for the lovely Christmas gift!!

Online shopping is so addicting

Online shopping is so addictive, agree? Over the past weeks, I did some random online shopping thru a various of websites. Initially I wanna get some black t-shirts but I ended up with a million of random stuff and NOT one T-shirt! lolx #FAIL

While I was on Zalora... they have some new brands (YASS) and this Korea brand Headline Seoul ...  I like how they style their "models" ... Pretty chic and simple~ #basiciscool

Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Tarte Cosmetics Light of the Party Holiday set + Swatches

Back in November, my sister got me the Tarte Cosmetics Light of the Party Holiday set (Thanks #bestsisterever) and I decided to do a swatch post for this since I got some peoples asking for swatches (plus I love doing swatch post ^_^

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Face Shop Around the world Holiday sets

Sometimes back... I got a little surprise from The Face Shop!!! Love that they always have really cute media kit (it's super cute and totally reusable!!!)

In this acrylic luggage/briefcase box... it's contains 2 of The Face Shop - Around the world Holiday sets!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sally Hansen New & Improved Miracle Gel Set

If you are someone who likes the effect of Gelish and their "longevity" BUT doesn't enjoy the "removing" part... Not to worry, Sally Hansen now launched their New & Improved Miracle Gel Top Coat that will give you extra volume and shine!

Following the major success of the first Miracle Gel launch, Sally Hansen developed the new & improved volumizing Miracle Gel Top Coat - adding to the award-winning Sally Hansen Miracle Gel collection: the most buzzed about at-home nail system and the closest thing to a salon gel manicure at home.

I got the limited-edition duo packs where they pair the new Miracle Gel top coat the 2 summery colors (Got it Bright and Teal Twin).

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Review + Giveaway - For Beloved One Melasleep Brightening Daily Defence Cream

This year, I haven't been using sun protection products as religiously as compare to before (before August 2014), because of the allergy episode... my skin will be irritated whenever I use sun protection products,  so I stop using it for about 6 months and then I slowly add in products that contains SPF to using sun protection products that are suitable for sensitive skin (there are quite a number of products works quite well with my skin!)

Skin issues doesn't recovered over a short period of time... some took years to feel normal again and I'm glad that it took about one year for me to feel comfortable with my skin again. #happy

Anyway, I wanna share a pretty decent product that I have been obsessed about lately....although I received this from the brand... my review on these products are base on my personal experience #honestreview

 For Beloved One Melasleep Brightening Daily Defence Cream is a high performance, comprehensive daily defense cream (DD Cream) which contains a revolutionary ingredients, Purisoft® LS 9602, which isolates pollutants and forms a perfect barrier upon the skin so it will not affected by environmental pollutants. Aquaphyline helps the skin retain and replenish moisture so it remains full and resilient.

For Beloved One Melasleep Brightening Daily Defence Cream is a 5-in-1 product
Skincare Makeup Base + Color Correction + Protection + Skincare + Moisture

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Merry Clinique - 2015 Clinique Holiday Gift Sets

Clinique always have some really good holiday sets that YOU feels sorry NOT to get it for someone or for YOURSELF. lolx .... This year without fail, they have 14 fun holiday sets!

Clinique make it easy to be generous ... skincare, colors and fragrance favourites come ready to give in gorgeous boxes. All at a great value for everyone on your gifting list. And they provide free wrapping too!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Kim Robinson Go Get Gorgeous

Recently, Kim Robinson launched his new book Go Get Gorgeous, it's an essential hair style guide for modern women. Attended the launch at Kim Robinson at Ngee Ann City (My first time visiting the salon).

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Etude House Snowy Dessert and Enamel Ting Gel Nail

There's something about the "dessert theme makeup" that always makes me weak and loose control (I WANT THEM ALL!!!  They look so delicious and oh-so-cuteeeee  (I'm not a sweet tooth person, I do enjoy having cakes and ice-cream sometimes... but if you let me choose between dessert and savoury foods... I'll pick the latter #nodoubt) BUT I love the idea of dessert (hahaha... I'm weird).

Anyway.... Was invited down to Etude House @ VIVO City Outlet (weeks ago - have been a bit buzy and finally got time to sit down and look thru the pics from this event) for the Christmas theme nail art thingy (this was also their VIP event -  join their VIP and get invited to their event... it's fun and you get to play with their stuff and learn about their new releases.)  I love their Enamel Ting Gel Nail ... I have a LED light at home and I do own some of their Enamel Ting Gel Nail (S$9.90each and they have A LOT OF SHADES!!!!)  ...  I also checked out their Snowy Dessert Collection!

Monday, December 07, 2015

Review : DCS Nutriderm Ultra nutrition Night Cream and Ampoule

I have to admit I use A LOT of moisturizer (mostly using cream version these days) and I usually finished up a jar within 4 - 6 weeks... and serum usually last much longer. But lately, my skin have been so dry that NEED to use a lot of serum/essence and I just finished a bottle of this DCS Nutriderm Ultra nutrition ampoule in 4 weeks!!!!!

I hope this kinda helps to explain why I have "review" post on skincare like every 2 months. I like trying different type of moisturizer as long as it's fall under the range/series that I know my skin will feel comfortable with. I always have to think twice before trying whitening stuff (I'm not a fan of whitening products except whitening sun protection or base products)...

Anyway, I already start using new skincare for about a week now and before I forgot how I feels about the DCS Nutriderm Ultra nutrition Night Cream and Ampoule... I have to blog about it!

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Swatches : Too Faced Le Grand Palais Holiday Set

It's December already!!
I don't think I have been up to anything lately, if you saw me on the street and ask me "How are you"... I will be saying "same old same old... nothing changes and I got fatter".... hahaahaha

So here's another swatch post.. got the Too Faced Le Grand Palais Holiday Set (S$80) at Sephora...

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

SKII #ChangeDestiny Stories - Krystal Choo

I really enjoy the SKII #ChangeDestiny Stories... there're not only inspirational and they spread positive vibes for everyone facing similar problems.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Swatches : beauty UK Posh palette in no 4 - Galaxy

I believe you all must have saw or heard about beauty UK... it's new at Watsons and their products are pretty decent and very pocket/bank friendly.  Got this Posh Palette in No4 - Galaxy at the  Media/blogger Watsons day out event (last month) and I finally got time to sit down and paly with this beautiful palette.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

NYLON Singapore x Vanity Trove Beauty Box (October 2015)

P/S: OMGOSH!!! This post supposed to be publish on the first week of November donno what went wrong... maybe I didn't set the date correctly!!! Anyway.. it's better to be late then never right?? (Trying to find excuses to make myself feel good~)

This is the October edition of the NYLON Singapore x Vanity Trove Beauty Box... there's ONE retail size product!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint + Swatches

The Etude house Sweet Cherry Tint - a range of pretty hydrating and glossy lip tint (these feels more like colored lip balm) and these feels pretty good on my lips.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Private Lancome Christmas Party (Giveaway)

Hi hi hi,

I will be having a little Christmas party with Lancôme together with 2 cute bloggers (Maybeline and Roanna) on 30th November 2015 at LANCÔME @ CAPITOL PIAZZA (7pm)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Introducing Lip Hop Sun Protecting Range

The newly launched suncare products from Guardian - Lip Hop are fun, bright and interesting. This range of products (except the moisturizing spray) are made in Korea. They have all kind of suncare products catering to every kind of outdoor activity and concerns.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Celebrate the Wings of Change with SK-II @ VIVO City

SK-II is celebrating the Wings of Chang at Vivo City (Central Court A) this Festive season with their limited edition Facial Treatment Essence. SK-II #changedestiny World Festive Edition will be at Vivo City until Sunday 22nd November 2015.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Urban Decay Limited Edition VICE 4 + Swatches

When I first saw Urban Decay Vice 4 online, the colors look a bit pale as compare to the Urban Decay Spectrum palette (which was super limited lor.. only 50 sets available at the Urban Decay FIRST standing store at VIVO City!)

I went down to Sephora @ ION to check this out when it launched on 29th October 2015... and I think I'm just a sucker for Urban Decay palette... especially when they are LIMITED!!!!

Anyway, I just swatched this baby and I'm loving it!

Monday, November 16, 2015

ORIGINS' First free-standing store in Singapore

Origins finally opened their first free-standing store in Singapore,  located at ION Orchard B3. And on 5th November they have their grand opening ceremony.

Friday, November 13, 2015

SKII #ChangeDestiny Stories - Anggun

Here's another inspirational video/message from Anggun for the SKII #ChangeDestiny Stories~

Singer Anggun shares what her journey to success was like in this inspirational #changedestiny video. The key is never giving up, pushing boundaries, and seizing every opportunity. 

What is your key?


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File - Review

I hate my ugly dry and cracked sole and I'm always trying to get rid of them by using all kind of files (some work... some just hurt my feet!) ...  So when I learned about the NEW Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File... I'm sold!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

SUISSE Programme Platinum Precious Luxe Eye Cream

Base on my experience of using eye cream for almost all my life, I learned that no amount of GOOD eye cream can helps in fading away dark eyes cirlce then good sleep, water and some eye massage. What good eye cream (eye products) can helps us was that they can keep our sensitive skin around our eyes hydrated... prevent further aging damaging.

I have been trying SUISSE Programme Platinum Precious Luxe eye cream for about 2 months (I emptied the whole jar! Always tried to finish all the skincare I've started unless my skin don't like it)

Monday, November 09, 2015

Etude House Play 101 Pencils swatches

The Etude House Play 101 Pencil was a multi Magic Pencil for face - can be use as a lip liner, eye liner or as a cheek colors.

Just use the color that's suitable for the area la.. but no one is restricting you here, if you like to wear blue lipstick and blue blushes.. go ahead, your imagination is your own limit (^_^)

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Etude House Flagship Store at Wisma 1st Birthday Party

On 17th October 2015 - Etude house flagship store at Wisma (Orchard-Singapore) celebrated their 1st birthday party! If you have been to Etude house before, you will know that their store theme was princes.

You will be drowned in sweet pink and white - like what a princess' room will look like! Filled with all kawaii makeup make-up, a life-size pink and gold princess pumpkin carriage!!

Lip Swatches of the Guerlain KISS KISS Roselip - Hydrating and plumping tinted lip balm in Crazy Bouquet (R329)

Lately, I have been reaching for the Guerlain Kiss Kiss Rose Lip in Crazy Bouquet (R329) from the Guerlain Bloom of rose collection a lot.

This lip tinted was quite moisturizing... and it keep my lips hydrated and feels quite good (since my lips are quite tight and dry around the rim of my lips...)

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Lancome 2015 Holiday Make-up Collection

This year, Lancome limited edition holiday make-up collection was all about being glam - all that glitters, gold and red!! I LOVE IT (I means I love the idea!!!!!)

Monday, November 02, 2015

Lancome 2015 Hapiness is a gift - Holiday Sets

Lancome always have great and good value holiday gift set available around the festive season - this year, Lancome didn't fail us and launched a series of holiday sets from makeup to skincare (including fragrances)

And I believe the most exciting was the their "The O Beauty Box set" - retail at S$118 with a minimum of S$130 spend (The O Beauty set worth S$588!!!!)

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Introducing Bulgarian Rose Karlovo

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo, a new skin, body and hair care brand had launched in Singapore... I've never heard about this brand until Ming (miwitch) mentioned about it. I googled, didn't learned much (since hardly anyone local talks about it...) but it does catches my attention with the use of rose essentials oil. I enjoy using rose scented products because... well, no reason at all.. I just enjoy using ROSE products~ it smell gooooooood~ lolx

So I attended the tea party (few weeks ago) to learn more about the brand and their products.... it's a nice little cozy little tea party.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Philosophy The microdelivery Overnight anti-aging Peel

Sometimes you gain more when you let go

This apply to everythings and it doesn't means you are running away from your problems. Sometimes you just have to let it go to be free~

In this post (skincare wise), it means that letting go of your dead skin cell, you will benefit more from your skincare! Philosphy is full of "philosophy" don't you think so? lolx

This time round, Philosophy bring in another innovation to the at-home peel category with the launch of "The microdelivery Overnight anti-aging Peel" - a two-step, leave-on anti-aging peel to improve key signs of visible skin aging (wrinkles, loss of firmness and enlarged pores).

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

NYLON Singapore x Vanity Trove Beauty Box (Aug + Sept 2015)

Weee... it's about time I open another Vanity Trove Beauty Box - the Auguest/September edtion of NYLON Singapore x Vanity Trove Beauty Box. (The October edition will be up soon)

Vanity Trove had term up with Nylon Singapore and launched a serious of beauty trove for 6 months... it's gonna be filled with beauty goodies from head to toe.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lancome 2015 Limited Edition - La Palatte 29, Faubourg Saint Honore + Swatches

I donno about others, but I'm pretty excited about the holiday collection that will be rolling out in November (2015)..... I (we) can always score some cute, fun and awesome deals during the festive season!!!!

And my first 2015 holiday/festive related makeup products was - Lancome limited edition La Palatte 29, Faubourg Saint Honore ... Look at the case, so chic right?!?!?!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Palette

I haven't been up-on-date with all the up and coming makeup releases for more then a year now... busy busy busy or just my priority have shifted (life is full of many other stuff then makeup ONLY right?)

Anyway... I'm quite active on Instagram (more so then before ... I realised) and I came across this on +Urban Decay Cosmetics instagram and I was like.. O-MY-GOSH, the palette look so sleek! And it's a collaboration with Gwen Stefani!!!!!!!!

Zalora Black Friday Deals

I am a fan of fashion. I enjoy watching fashion relation TV shows, checking fashion stuff (including subculture fashion trends- especially their accessories)... thought I don't dress up much and am pretty lazy to plan my outfit! But I do love them... because who don't love love pretty, glittery and shiny stuff! lolx

Zalora will be having their Black Friday Deals soon ... so I have been checking out Zalora and making my wishlist (lolx) I'm into pencil skirt or maxi dresses lately!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

NYLON Singapore x Vanity Trove Beauty Box (July 2015)

Recently, Vanity Trove collaborated with NylonSG to launch a series of Vanity Trove x Nylon Exclusive beauty Trove for 6 months.

I'm going to share what's I've gone in the July trove and if you are interested you can use the promo code provided by Vanity Trove to get 10% off!! (Great deal, right?? Use "Chantana10" to enjoy 10% off) 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Lancome Youth Activating Facial Treatment review

Having a good simple soothing facial is something everyone should try... it doesn't have to be fancy, just a nice soothing relaxing facial massage and soothing face mask will helps to take away your stress and kinda perk you up for the coming festive season.

And this festive season is a good time to give Lancome Iconic Advanced Génifique anti-aging facial a try!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Revlon Colorburst Velvety Matte Moisture-rich balm + Swatches

Yesterday, when I was browsing around Shilla duty free at Changi Airport T3 - Saw this range of lip balm from Revlon - Said "NEW" on the shelving. BUT, I have no clue whether we have this range in our Watsons (or we already have it?!?!).  Check out the price tag!!!! S$6.80 each (I have to get some!!!!)

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

LANEIGE First Local Philanthropic Initiative Uniquely-YOU Cheque Presentation Ceremony

Last Sunday, I was at the LANEIGE Singapore’s first local philanthropic initiative, Uniquely-YOU, cheque presentation ceremony with Beyond Social Services at Suntec City.

It's a warming presentation where they show you clips of motivation clips down by local artists, designers and influencers. To give every child and youth a beautiful chance to dream.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

HAACH - Phytopeutics Everlasting Youth Treatment

Facial is something I don't do often because of my sensitive skin, some treatments can too simulating for my poor sensitive skin and cause irritation after the treatment. So I always ask and ask and ask and.... before I decide whether I wanna go for a facial. After reading about HAACH Phytopeutics Everlasting Youth Treatment and ask some questions (telling them my skin condition)... I decided to give this a try and OH-BOY... I'm so glad that I went for it!!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mederma Stretch marks Therapy cream - Wear your skin proudly!

I once saw on discovery channel (many many years back) that we can lighten scars by just massaging them (with cream/lotion/oil)... so I believe if you take care and love your skin enough (give them TLC) we can lighten anything on our skin scars, stretch marks, cellulite...ects

So if a cream with extra helps in that field, it will speed up the process... am I right? (I hope they do...lolx)  So, instead of using a normal body cream... if I can, I will use slimming cream, scars lightening cream or stretch marks cream instead of a normal body lotion since they are all fully packed with awesome ingredients and super hydrating!

My point of this post was that, I was given a tube of Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy cream and I quite enjoy how moisturizing and soothing this cream feels on my skin.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Guerlain Bloom of rose collection - Kiss Kiss Rose Lip Collection

If you ask me last year (early 2014) what's my favorite lip color, I will say.... coral or nude pink, because I don't really enjoy wearing lips color out (too hot, too humid plus I sneeze all the time and wearing lipstick just feel MESSY for me!) and I don't like wearing loud colors since I always wearing loud eye makeup! :P

But I have been enjoying wearing colors of my lips and the feeling of having something waxy or sticky doesn't bother me as much as compare to before!!  I like it NOW!!Hahahaha~

So checking out NEW lips collection is fun for me NOW!!! Look at these beauty~ Guerlain Bloom of rose - Kiss Kiss Rose Lip Collection.

Friday, September 18, 2015

CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster

I'm not sure anyone heard about CNP Laboratory before, it's a Korea brand that reached Singapore eariler this year (I believe)... I saw this brand in Guardian Health & Beauty Store and was quite curious about it!

When they contacted me and ask whether I'm interested in trying out their new CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster... I say YES and it also gave me a chance to learn more about the brand too!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

ncLA Transparent Nail Wraps in Leather & Lace

Have you all tried nail wraps before?? I own a few but never really tried it on because I find them not so secure as compare to nail polish! It's just me being skeptical! lolx.  This year, I have been a bit more adventurous as compare to last year... I start to wear bold lip color like hot pink or red instead of nude pink or coral... so why not give this a try?!?

I chose ncLA Transparent Nail Wraps in Leather & Lace from the wide selection on their website

Monday, September 14, 2015

SKII #ChangeDestiny Stories - Priscilla "Are you realy Happy?"

Are you really happy? Even if you aren’t living a life you envisioned, the best part about life is that you have the power to change it. I’m sharing this video to remind everyone that it’s never too late to take control. Even if the changes is very small, it does make a different on how you feel~

#changedestiny #areyoureallyhappy

Sunday, September 13, 2015

JORD wood watches

I used to love wearing watches during my schooling days until one of the watches keep cutting my skin and I stop... Stopped wearing it often doesn't means I don't wear watches! I still wear them when I feel like it! kekekek (^_^)

When I came across JORD - wood watches, I'm in love!! They look so cute!!! The idea of wearing a chunky wood watch is sooo chic to me (personal opinion....others may prefer other types of watches!)

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Get RedMart CashBack with ShopBack

Shopping online is becoming more and more easy and fun in Singapore - blogshop and offical website for fashion and beauty is quite a norm in Singapore for the great value and easy access. But I noticed in recently years (maybe I sua ku if it's already been out for ages), peoples start doing groceries shopping online to save time from queuing and avoiding crowds during peak hours(I hate the crowds so I usually avoid going to supermarkets in the evening or on weekends)... by now you all should know that this blog post is about online shopping and it's not just normal online shopping.. I'm going to share a great site that offers coupons and discount codes that we can use to shop in Singapore (Fun~)

ShopBack~ are the source for the best deals and discounts on fashion, travel, lifestyle and more! And they give you cashback on top of existing discounts and voucher codes which means extra savings when you shop online through ShopBack at any of their merchant stores!

CASH OUT EASILY - cashback can be transferred to most bank accounts or your PayPal account.

Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins™ Mega-Mushroom Skin-Relief Micellar Cleanser

Micellar Cleanser or Cleansing water is one of my fave skin care products...  The non-rinse and mild ingredients helps to cleanse my skin without being too harsh. Personally I find that using a cleanser in the morning was a bit too harsh for my sensitive skin. You may not feel the same, but I prefer to use micellar cleanser or just rinse my face with water and skip cleanser in the morning. (Do what you feel best for your skin ^_^) 

So here I am sharing this piece of good news - Origins launched their own version of Micellar Cleanser!!! Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Micellar Cleanser (Woohoo~)