Sleek i-Divine PPQ Shangri-La Supreme Palette

One of the Sleek i-divine palettes I got recently - so here's another "swatch" post of Sleek i-Divine PPQ Shangri-La Supreme Palette. This palette is not as bright or colorful as compare to the others that I've ordered.. but the creamy shades were so pretty~ 

Ingredients list

(Click to enlarge)

From left to right::
Blue Suede, R&B, Bronx Black, P-Funk, Grand Master Flash  and Wah Wah White 

Wah wah white is the only frosty glittery shade in this palette

From left to right
La bella blue, Smokey Robinson, Al Green, Delfonic, Commodores cream and Shagrilas Lemon 

These doesn't swatch as thick and vibrant as the others.. but they are very pretty too!

P-Funk, Grand Master Flash and R&B have the best creamy, smooth and not flakey texture - swatch so evenly and oh-so-pigmented!

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You can get Sleek at Luxola (Singapore) or
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