Review on L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique

Remember I blogged about the launch of the L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique back in April? L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique is an all-in-one powder foundation for matte and poreless finishing. Very suitable for our climate and those who have shiny T-zone.

Have been trying out this foundation for about 2 months plus and it's time to give this foundation a review.

Introduction of this foundation

Available in 5 Asian specific shades:: 
R1 - Rose Ivory
N1 Nude Ivory
N2 - Nude Vanilla
G1 Vanilla Ivory
G2  Golden Ivory

I received 4 different shades -  G2 is simply dark to use it alone on me (so I use it to contour my chubby face) .

This foundation can::
  1. Primes
    Shine-free skin canvas for a skin-balancing preparation
  2. Covers
    Minimize appearance of all blemish and skin imperfections
  3. Perfects
    Ultra-smooth poreless skin transformation, a refined airy smoothing finish

Can be use alone as foundation or apply evenly over bbcream/cccream/liquid foundation as "setting powder or blot powder"

Ingredients list

Before are pictures of N1 Nude Ivory (the shade that I'm using)

The shade that I'm is N1 Nude Ivory - initially before swatching I thought I will be more towards Rosy Ivory (R1) - because I always go for a little pinkish shade... but Rosy Ivory was a bit too warm (I prefer pink shade which is cool tone - and warm tone will make me look too tan)

So this color chart for this range of foundation is a little different from their usual colors chart -  Remember to swatch it (on your neck/inner wrist) and walk around for a few minutes (wait for the foundation to set to see whether it will oxidise on your skin)  before purchasing.

The case is quite basic, a bit  plasticy but doesn't feel cheap kind of material - but the hot pink cover is so fun and pretty~

Below is my bare face with skincare + sunblock
I didn't use any primer~

Face swatch (the Nude Ivory is a light beige shade that are pretty close to my skin tone)

Using as Foundation
My skin has been a bit dry lately - not a good time to do the review post by using this pressed
foundation as "FOUNDATION"! (only realised that after I apply the foundation on!)

Sometimes, you don't feel that your skin is THAT DRY until you apply powder over your face - my skin does feel a little tight after shower - but it look pretty radiance after I apply skincare or just use liquid foundation.

When I start using this foundation back in late April.... my skin was pretty good, normal (combination - a little bit oily on the T-zone), this foundation look so good on the skin. I means when I use it as an foundation (with or without primer).

With a good oil control primer, this foundation hold up really good for 6-8hrs (nose has a little shine - but it doesn't look crazy)

Without primer, my nose will start to look a little shiny after about 3 hrs of wearing - but I just blot if off with a piece of tissue and touch up a little on the nose and I look fresh again!

The foundation doesn't feel or look heavy on the skin - has a semi matte finish where the dewy skin still peek thru the foundation. 

Using it as setting/finishing powder

When my skin is feeling dry - I normally will apply moisturizing bbcream or liquid foundation and set it with mat magique. Using a large face brush and lightly dab it all over the skin to set base and it works like magic! Doesn't had the powdery finishing and most of all doesn't look cakey, patchy or flakey.

  • The foundation gave a pretty good sheer to medium coverage (does buildup to a good average medium coverage)
  • The powder is really fine doesn't feel too powdery
  • Even out the redness (skin complexion)
  • minimize pores (does blur out the flaw - just like using a silicon primer - skin look even and smooth)
  • Doesn't look patch or cakey or heavy on normal to oily skin (combination) Not really that good on dry skin.
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation nor breaking-out
  • Has a beautiful semi matte finishing (light enough for the natural glow of your skin to peek thru)
  • I prefer to use this as a setting powder more then just a foundation because my skin is tend to become dry very easily and this powder foundation works so well with liquid base!
  • when touching up - this powder doesn't look cakey nor patchy (I like it!)

The pics in this post were not the best example - because my skin wasn't in good condition (feeling dry and flakey on some areas). The foundation look a bit dry on my skin (I should use a good hydrating primer)... but still give good coverage with even complexion. From a distance my skin look flawless and quite good, but if you stand really really close to me, can see the dryness peeking thru the foundation around my lips (between the nose and lips area), nose and under eyes! (arrggggg - when my skin doesn't feel so dry, the foundation look really really good on the skin - like I never apply powder form product on my face - skin look radiance without looking too glowy nor powdery!

Anyway, I still enjoy using this as setting powder - it set the base product well without taking away the radiance of my skin (or the dewy finishing of the liquid foundation).

L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique
Price : SD$30.90 each
Refill : SD$20.90

Available at Watsons, Guardian, SaSa, Selected Super/hyper markets and Departmental stores

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