Review AFC Kidachi Detox - Digestion Detox Wellness supplement

Detoxing is one of the reason for a better health and brighter skin complexion, and I believe a lot of us have try many ways trying to clear up our system by drinking green juice, taking all kind of supplements.

I like taking all kind of natural healthy foods, fruits or supplement to detox of body and I jump on the chance when AFC offer me their newly launched "All-natural digestion & detox solution, AFC Kidachi Detox".

AFC Kidachi Detox (Superior Detox & Digestion Formula)
AFC Kidachi Detox is an all-natural formula, formulated with active Kidachi aloe, 10 billion heated treated Lactobacillus Plantarum, inulin and oligosaccharides that promotes healthy digestion and helps balance the stomach acid level. Additionally, it also relieves abdominal and gastric discomfort, facilitates healing of gastrointestinal tract and restores intestinal flora.

It is an all-natural plant based formula that aids in detoxification and regulation of intestinal health. This proven formulation comprises of:

Active Kidachi Aloe
Characterized by small and thin leaves, is a superior aloe species cultivated only in Japan.  It is recognized as a functional health food in Japan for cleansing, beauty and health support. It is also recognized as a medicine in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia due to the Anthraquinone present in Kidachi aloe.

Research on the profile of aloe plants shows that Kidachi aloe has unique bio-active ingredients compared to other aloe species that delivers multiple health benefits:
  • Gastric relief and soothes gastrointestinal discomfort
    Kidachi aloe contains a natural buffer system that can restore a healthy level of stomach acid by raising the pH enough to relieve the discomfort
  • Improves digestion
    Enzymes found in Kidachi aloe help in breakdown of sugar & fat
  • Intestinal cleansing
    The Anthraquinone content in Kidachi aloe is filtered to a safety level and yet effective in  regulating bowel movement and intestinal cleansing
  • Promotes growth of good bacteria
    Aloe functions as a probiotic to promote the growth of good flora to optimize digestive functions

Special Processing Technology to reap the best out of each Kidachi Aloe
Most of the aloe products in the market are manufactured using only the inner leaf gel. Kidachi Detox is manufactured using the most advanced, Whole Leaf Extraction, Cold Processing and Filtering methods to ensure the maximum amount of beneficial nutrients are present in the finished product.
  1. Whole Leaf Extraction
    utilizes the entire aloe vera for extraction to get the full benefits of aloe vera.
  2. 100% cold processing
    helps to retain the valuable nutrients as high-heat process alters or destroys the enzymes and amino acids that are essential for digestion and other health needs.
  3. Special filtering process
    to keep all the key nutrients in place, while removing the unwanted components. This ensures maximum bioavailability is present in each product.

10 billion lactobacillus plantarum
Lactobacillus plantarum is used in the fermentation of food like kimchi, pickles and sourdough bread. Research has shown that it delivers therapeutic compounds and proteins to the body. It also naturally exists in human saliva and gastrointestinal tract. A plant-based probiotic, Lactobacillus plantarum is a heat-treated strain to stabilize the cell walls resulting in unique characteristics:
  • Ability to tolerate high heat of 85°C
  • Survive in acidic stomach condition and stay intact
  • Activate immune cells upon contact with stomach acids
As a result, it retains its integrity all the way to intestine. A healthy colony of Lactobacillus plantarum in the gastrointestinal system helps prevent harmful bacteria from attaching to the intestinal wall and affecting the absorption of nutrients. Hence, it helps restore gastrointestinal health, reduce abdominal flatulence, enhance acquired immunity and improve resistance to food allergies.

Inulin and oligosaccharides are partially digested short chain molecules that dissolve easily in water. Inulin and oligosacharides function as prebiotics that promote growth of good bacteria and limit the colonization of bad bacteria

From the box - it said to take 6 caplets per day.
You can break it up taking it twice a day - 3 caplets each time (take in morning and evening) or like me take all 6 caplets in one go. (I have no issus in taking pills/caplets/capsules)

The reasons being, I have been going for acupuncture session every week and I'm on chinese herbal medication (twice a day morning and night)... so I don't want to mix my supplement with my meds.

My herbal meds changes everyweek - depending on my body condition (low blood pressure, heatiness, digestion, sinus and ects) - so it's not a good time to play with this type of stuff, right? So I always pay extra attention on the supplements and foods that I'm taking. Since this AFC Kidachi Detox is an all-natural detox supplement - I have no problems adding this to my diet.

*Acupuncture for my eczema/skin issue - having been seeing the sinseh since March - no fail going there every week for some needles time and avoid seafoods (I can have some good fishes)

After taking this for a few weeks, I did not experiences any discomfort and having any weird reaction to it. So far so good. I didn't have any constipation or gastric issue before, so I didn't know whether this work on me - but I do like that I'm taking care of my body by maintaining the balance.

I don't want to wait until I have the problem and then start taking care of it, cause it will take way longer time to solve the problems!

If you have an irregular diet, feeling stress and restless - I suggest that you may start taking care of your body by taking more greens, fresh fruits, green juice or take some herbal teas. If you are too busy for all that, you can try out AFC Kidachi Detox, all-natural Digestion Detox wellness supplement. It's fuss-free, easy and a good way to start.

Since this AFC Kidachi Detox not only cleanse the body, it also boosts immunity, prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in the body and soothes allergic problem... a lot of benefits from taking the AFC Kidachi Detox.

AFC Kidachi Detox (180 caplets per bottle)
Price : SD$54.90

AFC Kidachi Detox is available at NTUC Unity, Selected Guardian & Watsons, Nishino Pharmacies, OG, Robinsons & leading departmental stores.

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