TK TrichoKare Concept Store at orchardgateway

Last month, I was invited down to the newly open TrichoKare Concept Store at OrchardGateway to check out their new concept store and experience their European herbal hair remedy.

Scalp treatment has always been the main concern on my haircare routine - I need my scalp to feel good in order to feel good myself! So I was more then happy to check out TrichoKare Concept store to learn more about my scalp and getting treatment!

About TrichoKare
TK TrichoKare is a holistic hair and scalp care centre that provides European herbal hair remedies, catering to all hair and scalp conditions in a comfortable and luxurious environment for its clients to enjoy pampering hair and scalp care treatments through premium European plant actives.

TrichoKare is the first ISO 9001 certified trichological centre in Singapore that features customized treatments validated by a certified trichologist with products formulated by a professional herbalist.

TrichoKare has always been in this line of expertise, fighting hair and scalp problems for tens of thousands individuals. Founded by a certified Trichologist and houses hair specialists trained under the professional, Trichokare emphasizes professionalism in fighting hair loss concerns.

The Concept Store

TK TrichoKare is among the 45 exciting retail stores of the Orchardgateway shopping mall (inbetween Orchard Central and 313). Known to be the newest kid along Orchard Road, OrchardGateway is made up of two buildings on diagonally opposite sites that are connected by a glass link bridge!

TrichoKare is honored to be seated at the 2nd level unveiling the same timeless elegance. Opening door to one-of-a-kind pampering experience correlatively with other outlets, it is yet an exceptional newly designed concept store.

Much more than a haircare centre, much more than a brand, much more than a technique, the trichological centre reveals its concept store revisiting a Victorian-inspired touch. The store is reinvigorated to roll out a new sense of interaction. In line with the belief to provide an
experience that is truly worthy for clients, TrichoKare continues to explore and step up superior
service standards across all outlets.

Following the flagship outlet opening at nex, TrichoKare @ orchardgateway holds a VIP lounge providing private zones for clients to have treatments with OSIM massage facilities.

The dedicated and experienced team examines hair and scalp microscopically in Trichology
aspect, from providing expert consultation to customized treatments that address hair and scalp
problems while looking into individual wellness holistically.

VIP lounge

Bright, neat and cozy little corner~

At TrichoKare, they use European herbs as ingredients for treatment~
European herbal hair remedy are less toxic and more powerful as compare to chemical - the beneficial not only on the scalp but work with the body to enhance balance too.
European herbal hair remedy treats the root of the problems rather than the surfacing issue like more commercial treatment, also ensuring sustainable lasting results with more balanced and synergistic effect.

Consultation room~

Hair cleansing station~

Let's check out their hair treatment products~

Before treatment we have our scalp check by the tricholohist to see what type of treatment we need~

I have rather sensitive and problematic scalp, they get irritated easily.... my scalp wasn't greasy.. but it would somehow has the greasy look. So before the microscopic hair check, I spoke to my hair specialist about my scalp and to my surprise... my scalp wasn't that serious as I thought. (Prove that I
do take good care of my scalp).

I just have a little clogged pores (which is quite normal as we all do release sebum daily) - so I will be having the Revitalizing treatment.

I'm glad that my hair specialist can answer almost all my questions and I also get to witness how experienced my hair specialist is.

Before the treatment

My hair does look a bit greasy
(please excuse my black root, cos of my skin condition.. I'm avoiding hair dying~)

The acupuncture points massage feels really good and the European herbal serums used on me doesn't feel too strong on my scalp. Totally didn't experience any scalp irritation(the next day) and my hair surely doesn't feel heavy nor greasy after the treatment

They use follicle serum on my scalp

Scalp feel so light and the whole treatment is nice and relaxing

Let's check out the testimonials from customers and bloggers - almost all have great experiences with their services.

Witness 100 Testimonials in 10 Days!
With the opening of their new outlet, TrichoKare has aim to reach out to more individuals who have hair and scalp problems.

TrichoKare has initiated to gather 100 testimonials in 10 Days from their customers and they were honored to have their customers speak for them.

Intensive Scalp Revitalizing Treatment at $59.99
Free Home Care Kit worth $49 + $200 Package Voucher
(Total Worth $587)

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TrichoKare Singapore Facebook Page ::

- Velocity @ Novena Square #03-19
- The Clementi Mall #05-11
- nex #02-24
- orchardgateway #02-12

Opening hours:
11am - 8pm (Mon to Fri, Sun) | 10am - 7pm (Sat)

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