The SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Range by The Face Shop

The SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Range from The Face Shop had be around for awhile now and not too many knew (at least for me... I didn't knew about these range until a few months back) about the miraculous goodness of the SMIM range. The range is formulate with 85% of fermented yeast extracts that will revives the metabolic activities of skin cells to restore the healthy and youthful glow.

The SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Range contains naturally fermented ingredients
  • Excellent absorption. Nanofied particles penetrate deeper into skin for maximum efficacy.
  • Excellent detoxification effect
The phospholipid macromolecule ingredient (similar to our biological membrane) strengthens the lipid to prevent water loss and to retain hydration for dewy, firm skin.

Anti-wrinkle and whitening functional product containing Niacinamide and Adenosine.
Dermatology tested

5 free system
  • Paraben free
  • Artificial fragrance free
  • Benzophenone free
  • Animal Origin ingredient free 
  • Artificial colorant free)
 Suitable for all skin types especially aging/dull skin types.

Fermented Yeast Extract
Yeast is a single cell organism and is 60-70% similar to human cells construction. Provides excellent and quick effects on regeneration of the skin, providing brightening and wrinkle reducing effects. The process of yeast fermentation is similar to the rhythm of metabolic activities of skin cells which help minimize skin problems by promoting skin regeneration.

  • contains vitamin, minerals, trace elements
  • From a long time ago, yeast was used to cure illnesses that are due to the lack of all vitamins
  • Known to help diabetes in traditional folk medicine
  • Contains many nutritive ingredients such as enzymes that play an essential part in promoting metabolism, essential amino acids, nonessential amino acids, vitamin coenzyme Q10, glutathione, phospholipid etc...

  • Skin regeneration
  • Brightening
  • Wrinkle repairMoisturizes skin
  • Promotes collagen synthesis
  • Restores elasticity to skin
  • Enhances the rate of cell turnover in the skin
  • Stimulates and activates cell metabolism
  • Enhances wound healing
  • Increases production of ATP(adenosin Triphosphate)
  • Improves the oxygen uptake in human skin cells

The star product of this range is the pre-treatment essence used before toner for better absorption of skincare products.  Promise to brightening, cell regenerating and wrinkle reducing effects.

SMIM Fermentation Total Treatment
Price : SD$66.90

This is the first step of the skincare routine (after cleansing/before toner) - Acts as a power booster to enhance the synergy of products used in subsequent steps to promote texture refinement, firming, wrinkle resilience, sebum balancing and radiance.

This treatment manifested with 85% of pure yeast extract and naturally fermented kefir grains, this treatment is the ultimate ally for women for inensely regenerated and repaired skin for optimal youth and glowing radiance.

SMIM Fermentation Toner
Price : SD$53.90

 An anti-aging toner consisting of undiluted kefir grain fermentation crystals and pure yeast extract, the gelish-watery textured toner penetrates deeply into the skin, providing optimal hydration and elasticity. The Tundra chaga mushroom substance strengthens the skin's defense power to help accelerate skin repair for healthy, hydrated and radiant skin throughout.

SMIM Fermentation Essence 
Price : SD$59.90

An all-in-one anti-aging essence that contains a high concentration of fine particles of fermented Tibetan mushroom extract and concentrated yeast extract, this lightweight essence aims to provide intense firming, radiance and regeneration to the skin. Expect a boost in skin defense capabilities.

SMIM Fermentation Emulsion
 Price : SD$53.90

The Emulsion provides an intensive firming and wrinkle repair. With a perfect blend of micro kefir grain fermentation crystals and natural fermentation yeast liquid, this essence helps to achieve a youthful radiant glow and an even skin tone. 

The undiluted fermented yeast solution and Tibetan mushroom extracts render soft flexibilty to the skin and elasticity for refined skin texture. Lightweight emulsion melts into the skin for silky hydrated comfort.

Received a bottle of the SMIM Fermentation Total Treatment and it said that we can see results in 14 days!! Cool~

The SMIM Fermentation Concentrate Range is available at all The Face Shop Outlets

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