Review on VICHY Purete thermale Softening Exfoliating Cream for Sensitive Skin

Normally, I prefer using cleansing water that contain AHA/BHA to exfoliate my face daily - because it doesn't feel to harsh and my skin look and feel nicer that way. But ever since a few months ago where John Little or Sasa stop stocking up my favourite Sana easy peel cleansing water ... I have been trying out a few cleansing water and they don't work as good as Sana :(

So I start using facial scrub (that is suitable for sensitive skin) they feel nice.. .but I still very much prefer using cleansing water.

I have been using VICHY Purete thermale Softening Exfoliating Cream for Sensitive Skin for awhile now and so far so good~

Ingredients list

This facial scrub doesn't feel like a scrub, more like a daily cleanser with mirco beads in it. Mild and suitable to use everyday. But I don't recommend to use it daily for sensitive skin. I used this 2 to 3 times per weeks (skipping a day in between).

  • This facial scrub doesn't form up well.. quite creamy and spread easily around the face
  • The mirco beads doesn't feel too coarse on the skin
  • After rinising off, skin feel smooth but not those "polished" type of smoothness we get from normal facial scrub (that they contains nut's shell instead of mirco beads)
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation
  • No breaking-out
  • Does reduce some black heads
    But my T-zone produce too much sebum and this is too mild
    (I still need nose sheet to remove some of the black heads on my nose)
  • On hot and humid days... I will use this only on my nose and chin to double cleanse my T-zone!
That's why I prefer cleansing water to clear impurities daily as we produce sebum and trap dirt in our pores daily.

Over all.. this is a good alternative, else my skin will be full of bumps and seeds (no no no ... I don't want to picture that image!!!)

Vichy always have good scrubs and cleanser for acne prone skin or trouble skin (like sensitive skin or irritated skin) ... totally enjoy using.

You can get VICHY at The First Derma Center, watsons and other supermakets and departmental stores that have Vichy counter.

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