Review on the international award-winning formula Dr Qu Facial Cleanser

Cleansing is one of the most important step for a clean and healthy skin - our pores are mostly clogged from our own sebum releases and dead skin cell.. plus all the stuff we piled on our skin (skincare/makeup/doggies fur). Oh and finding the right cleanser for your skin type is as important too!

I have sensitive, combination skin (which tend to be a bit dry sometimes - my T-zone is a bit oily too) ... I cannot use cleanser that was meant for oily skin as it is too drying and it kinda irritate my skin too.

Anyway, my reason for this post is to share this amazing facial cleanser from Dr Qu!! Super love this - Dr Qu have really great skincare products (link)

If you have some kind of skin conditions - like acne, eczema or sensitive skin - I believe this will be an amazing product for you to try! I totally recommend Dr Qu Moisture Active Cream (love love love this stuff!)

When I try a range of skincare products - I normally don't use everything together so that I know how each products feel on my skin. I planned to use the cleanser after I'm half way thru the Moisture Active Cream... but I didn't (because I was still using Origins Plantscription Anti-aging cleanser  ) ... anyway - I start using the cleanser a 2 weeks ago and I'm loving it!!!

After when I finished the Dr Qu Moisture Active Cream - I start using Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light moisturizer .. it's good, but I think the cream is a little bit too rich in "oil" contents ... so I got some break-out around the side of my nose... (Argggg~) But this amazing facial cleanser from Dr Qu kinda soothe and restore my skin to a healthy stage that I don't oil-up easily on my t-zone and it kinda prevent any NEW blemishes or skin inflammation!

The consistency of the cleanser feels like a "shampoo" quite watery but does foam up well~

After using the cleanser for about a week, I can feel a huge different on my skin condition - no more inflammation (Well.. I was using SK-II at the same time - which kinda doubles up the effect and I already know how SK-II works on my skin.. so this doesn't affect my review on this cleanser.)

  • The cleanser feel really nice on the skin - the foam has a silky smooth texture
    When applying the foam on the skin, it feel very smooth and silky (not like thick foam type of feeling nor mousse type of foamy feeling)
  • When I rinse off the foam from my face - it feels clean, NOT squeaky clean type of feeling
  • Skin feels really really smooth (when wet)
  • When I dap dry my skin with the towel, skin feel really really smooth
  • Doesn't feel tight or dry
  • No irritation - No breaking out
  • Very soothing
  • Kinda helps to soothe and prevent skin inflammation
  • Also reduce the blemishes on the side of my nose
  • skin feel quite relaxing
I guess when one enjoy using a product so much, you naturally feel really good and relaxing - this cleanser has that effect (maybe on me only- but I totally enjoy using it!!). Love how my skin feel.. very smooth and like their moisturizer, it's kinda prevent oil seed from forming (this will make skin feel smooth and even)

I would say TRY this if you having an skin issue - this cleanser is a herbal base - and traditional medication always the key to cure from the root of any problems (so I believe using this product long-term wise, will do more good to my skin!)

Now I know why Dr Qu skincare are international award-winning formula - their products are amazing!!!

NOW I wanna try their bodycare range and shampoo! (I always have issue with my scalp!!!)

Dr Qu's products are retailing online and will be available at 
Yue Hwa Emporium and Strangelets (Yong Siak Street) from April 2014 onwards.

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