Review - Sunkiller Mild Milk SPF 38 PA +++ Sun protection for Sensitive skin

Last October, I did an introduction post on a series of Sunkiller Sun Protection - The first products in the series I've tried was the "The Perfect Strong Plus" the first sun protection product that have 4 PA + and I fall in love with the texture, the finishing and how it feels on my skin.

So when my skin was facing with allergy issue, I open up the Sunkiller Mild Milk (of-course, I did. wait till my skin was more stabilize after using skin care and sunblock that I've tried before and trust before trying out NEW products).

Sunkiller Mild Milk with SPF 38 PA +++ is targeting for sensitive skin and is the only sun protection from the Sunkiller collection without the high SPF of 50! I can understand the reason for not having high SPF, because when skin is sensitive/irritated.. one will try to avoid going under the sun for long hours (but one still need to head outside), so with SPF 38 is good enough for some sun exposure with stressing out the poor skin.

From the packaging::
Gentle and mild for kids and adults 
Formula is mild enough to be use on children over 1 year of age and adults with sensitive skin. Allergy free and skin irritancy tested. No preservatives

Prevents skin roughness
Presence of moisturizing ingredients kepps skin well-hydrated when exposed to the sun.

Lightweight texture
Non-sticky formula spreads easily with a translucent finishing and with presence of silky powder. It keeps the skin shine-free all day long.

The shape of the bottle is the same as most liquid sun protection in the market (including Sunkiller series) in pale pink shade- cute color

Ingredients list

The consistency of the mild milk is pretty watery~

Does have a little bit of white cast (which look "blueish" on certain lighting)

Swatch on the face~

Does look "white-ish" before it set

Half face - skin look more moist and radiance (just don't think about the "white-ness")

full face~ abit white... but still bareable (for me la)

Once the milk set - skin doesn't look too pale~

And it won't make you makeup application look weird also~

After trying this out for sometimes... here's my thoughts on this baby(lolx)
  • Doesn't feel sticky
  • Not oily - feel very very smooth and nice on the skin
  • Light weight
  • Moisturizing
  • I think I can keep reapply after a layer and it still doesn't feel thick on the skin (I normally apply 2 layers before makeup)
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation
  • No breaking out
  • Feel very nice and soothing on the skin
  • Love the slight blue tint (which look translucent blue-ish white)
    Once the milk sets, skin doesn't look pale or have any white cast, white cast more obvious if you apply afew layer (thicker then usual dose)
  • Skin feel soooooo smooth (I'm not kidding you.. I keep wanting to touch my skin~)
  • Has a soft dewy/radiance finishing on the skin
    (made skin look supply and moisturizing)
  • Doesn't crash with makeup base/foundation
    (I've tried liquid foundation, bbcream and cccream all look fine)
  • Doesn't have good sebum control - cos I got some shine on my nose after afew hours of wearing (doesn't mess up my base makeup)
  • The SPF 38 with PA+++ doesn't feel weak on the sun protection
    I apply this and go for a long walk in the park (1.5hrs) and I didn't get burn or have skin inflammation (I didn't stay under the sun without shelter for the whole 1.5hrs la)
Really enjoy using Sunkiller Mild Milk SPF 38 PA +++ (I also love "The Perfect Strong" review will be up soon!!!) .. love the smoothness, lightweight and of-course the finishing!!!!

Sunkiller range are available at selected Watsons, Nishino pharmacies, Meidi-Ya, John Little, Isetan (westgate) and BHG stores.
Price : SD$14.90 (30ml) each

More information on Sunkiller Singapore Facebook Page::

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