Introducing Loretta Japan + Hair makeover

During the opening of Westgate (2nd Dec 2013), Loretta Japan is having a launch + hairstyle demostration/makeover at their counter shelve inside Isetan (basement). I was quite excited to check out this range of kawaii designed products!

 Loretta Japan are crafted with Damascus Rose scent and provide moisturizing benefits for the scalp and skin. With Salon professionals quality made available for home. All products are made in Japan.

There are alot more of products from Loretta -  but for now, these are what we have in Singapore first~

Cute isn't it??

Loretta Make Up Wax
SD$33.60 (each)

There are 3 types of Make Up Wax

 Here's the close up on the 2.5~

Loretta Make Up Milk (Glamorous and Natural)
SD$37 (each)

Loretta Night care cream
Leave-in treatment used before the bed time helps to avoid bed-head and have hair controlled

Loretta Wave Gelee
Create wave style freely even with your natural curls! Perfect for bouncy waves.

I was very interested in this base care oil!!! (This can be apply on the body too!!!)

Loretta Base Care oil

Oil treatment with the rose frarance makes the hair sleek and shiny, which whoever is tempted to touch.

Loretta Hard Jelly
SD$33.60 (300g) 

New challenge of Loretta for spiky edge styles!
Glowing sheen and stronghold will create funky styles.

 Having hair make-over by Mr Suzuki Youhei

Applying base care oil before using any heat tools~

Fix the curls with Loretta Wave Gelee

Check out to see more of her hair make-over~

Mr Suzuki Youhei is from Loretta Japan, well-experienced and knowledgeable in Asian Girls' hair need and hair trends. with almost 10 years of experiences working in the top hair salons in Japan Day-by-Day, On-the-Go.

Mr Suzuki is now the Global Business Designated Instructor of Molto Bene - sharing and teaching hair techniques and trends in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea and Singapore.

Ming ( me~

I will do a seperate reviews on both item ~

Loretta Japan is available at Westgate's Isetan


Loretta Hard Jelly  SD$33.60(300g)

Loretta Make Up Wax 2.5   SD$33.60(65g)
Loretta Make Up Wax 4.0   SD$33.60(65g)
Loretta Make Up Wax 6.5   SD$33.60(65g)

Loretta Wave Gelée    SD$33.60(250ml)

Loretta Make Up Milk - Natural  SD$37 (100ml)
Loretta Make Up Milk - Glamorous   SD$37(100ml)

Loretta Base Care Oil   SD$43.90 (120g)
Loretta Night Care Cream  SD$43.90(120g)

Wanna know more about Loretta and the products available in Japan?

Beauty Direct Singapore Website

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