Introducing Dr Qu the herbal-based skincare products

Lately, I have been drowning myself with herbal soup, medication and visiting TCM sinseh every week... but before all those begin, I received an email to try out "Dr Qu" a new herbal-based skincare range that was "made in Singapore".

Dr Qu's line of herbal-based skincare products is infused with Demodicidin, a unique formulation of scientific technology and traditional Chinese medicine, designed to stop Demodex and prevent them from causing damage to the skin.

The Dr Qu skincare range provides nourishment to the skin and hair while restoring it to its original colour and natural beauty. It also helps to slow down the skin cell aging process. Many who have tried Dr Qu's products now swear by it as their go-to brand to help with their skin problems and also boost skin health.

Dr Qu is a skincare brand that is highly sought after in countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and USA. It's call to fame is its ability to heal skin from problems caused by Demodex (a hair follicle mite) like acne rosacea, eczema, other skin irritations and fungal diseases. In a survey conducted, it was found that 97.68% of adult males and female have Demodex. 
All Dr Qu skincare products are manufactured in Singapore and its products have undergone stringent checks and have received the stamp of approval from Japanese and American authorities, guaranteeing it as a safe product of quality. 
Dr Qu's skincare range is available for the face, body and hair.

Dr Qu Facial Cleanser
Price : SD$41 (75ml)

A facial cleanser contains natural herbal Demodicidin and skincare nutrition, which removes Demodex, cosmetic residues and facial grime. It helps maintain your natural skin moisture and balance without clogging up pores or irritating your skin. 

It also prevents Acne Rosacea, Pimples and Blackheads, delays skin aging and helps restore the skin’s original colour. The cleanser’s natural ph-value makes it suitable for all skin types.

Dr Q Skin Balancing Toner
Price : 44 (135ml) 
Specially formulated with Demodicidin herbs, natural moisturizing astringent and nutrient factors which is exclusive to Dr.Qu series. It reaches deep into the skin and effectively wipe out Demodex, as well as providing skin with important nutrients and minerals while maintaining moisture and necessary oil and maintaining a balance pH for a healthy skin (pH-value 5.0 - 5.3).

Ingredients list~

Dr Qu Moisture Active Cream
Price : SD$76 (40gm)

Contains more Demodicidin to maintain skin moisture and oil balance. It contains natural nutrition elements which promotes metabolic, protect skin drainage, secrete, absorb and normal physiology function and reinforces skin resistance. Daily usage can eliminate Demodex, and germ, which prevents skin diseases while maintaining skin to be smooth, soft and full of elasticity etc. It also, delays skin aging.

Ingredients list~

 Dr Qu Moisture Facial mask
Price : SD$82 (40gm)

Specially formulated with medical Demodicidin herbs. It reaches deep down into the skin, cleaning and wiping out the Demodex and bacteria, as well as purifying and hydrating skin, and exfoliating dead cells. It is also effective for pimple and black head (especially in T-zone), and initial pigmentation as it provides skin with important nutrients, natural moisturizing, astringent and boosts cell renewal. (pH-value 6.0+/-).

Ingredients list~

I just started using the Moisture Active cream and it feel quite good on the skin~ (I will slowly add in one product over a period of time(so that I know how each product works/feel on my skin).

Dr Qu's products are retailing online and will be available at Yue Hwa Emporium and Strangelets (Yong Siak Street) from April 2014 onwards.

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