Monday, March 31, 2014

NUXE White A skincare range for transparent and rosy skin

If you have been checking out my skincare reviews back when I start beauty blogging (2009), you will know that I'm not a huge fan of whitening skincare products .. they are a little tricky to use for sensitive skin (mainly the reason of some active ingredients or the oil contents) or for my problematic skin. I don't mine using whitening cleansing products (cleansing oil, cleanser or makeup remover) and makeup products (sunblock, foundations, bbcreams or primers)... I believe is the fomulation ... not as intense as a "skincare" products.

Anyway... I still try to use some, because you never know (just have to take extra step in doing a patch test (or when I'm lazy.. use a sheer layer all over the skin) and see what happened after 3days.

Just like I'm totally surprised how Hada Labo Whitening lotion work so well and feel so good on my skin.

Anyway, after hearing about NUXE White.. I'm quite interested in it and how it's going to works. Since this range was designed for Asian skin.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Introducing Dr Qu the herbal-based skincare products

Lately, I have been drowning myself with herbal soup, medication and visiting TCM sinseh every week... but before all those begin, I received an email to try out "Dr Qu" a new herbal-based skincare range that was "made in Singapore".

Dr Qu's line of herbal-based skincare products is infused with Demodicidin, a unique formulation of scientific technology and traditional Chinese medicine, designed to stop Demodex and prevent them from causing damage to the skin.

The Dr Qu skincare range provides nourishment to the skin and hair while restoring it to its original colour and natural beauty. It also helps to slow down the skin cell aging process. Many who have tried Dr Qu's products now swear by it as their go-to brand to help with their skin problems and also boost skin health.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Introducing For Beloved One Advanced Arbutin Whitening Series

Recently For Beloved One launched a new update version of their whitening range - For Beloved One Advanced Arbutin Whitening Series.

A new and upgraded Whitening series with new interesting ingredients that will helps slow down the
melanin formulation from the roots!

Newest, effective whitening - 72 Hours Golden Repair period
72 Hours after sun exposure, our skin undergoes a "delaying tanning" process where new melanin is generated to make our skin darker. Just because it require time for production, the key to whitening lies in utilizing the 72 hours repair period to fight the tanning process. Known as the cosmeceutical whitening expert, For Beloved One discovered that by combinaing α-Arbutin and DNA whitening technology, they can take advantage of this 72 hours to rescue the skin from the aftermath of sun exposure. Inhibiting melaini layer by layer creating skin that is flawless, radiant and immune to turning darker.

Block Melanin Production from the roots
After sun exposure, skin will be stimulated and begin to produce melanosomes (cellular site for melanin formation and storage) to protect itself.

- Strengthens Skin's defense against UV rays
- Inhibits tyrosinase activity
- Brighten and smooth skin surface

Thwart melanin commands
Once stimulated by sun exposure, skin sends out the message that it is hurt, thus stimulating MITF, the "master regulator" of that controls melanocyte function and melanin synthesis process, to command skin DNA to begin producing melanin.

Whitening Peptide¹² β-White
- Encapsulated in a liposome vehicle
- High penetration to skin's basal layers
- Prevent MITF from giving commands
- Prevents formation of melanosomes from the very origin.

Perfect Balance-create smooth flawless skin
Once melanosomes are filled with pigments and matured, they will travel up to skin's surface. Traditional whitening ingredients only inhibit melanin formation, while vitamin B3 can block melanin transfer pathway to prevent pigmentation on skin surface.

Vitamin B3
- Natural Skincare ingredient
- Effectively prevents melanosomes from traveling to keratinocytes (skin surface cells)
-Increase skin's moisture content
-Maintain oil-water balance

Gentle and effective exfoliation
Dead skin cells are regularly metabolized on skin's surface. However, when the acumulation of melanin is faster than skin's metabolism, it could result in skin turning darker, and dark spot formation.

- Gently exfoliates
- Prevents tyrosinase activation

So let get onto the products (each type) introduction

For Beloved One Advanced α-Arbutin Toner
Price : SD$58

Protector of sensitive, vulnerable skin
After dead skin cells has been metablolized and sweeped away, skin calls temporarily become vulnerable. They require abundant moisture for protection until cells are matured.

- Demonstrate gentler and higher ability than retinoic acid in exfoliating accumylated dead skin cells
- Forms protective film on cells to lock in moisture and protect against harm
- Protects collagen, boost skin regeneration for better skin texture
- Mild and low-irritant

For Beloved One Advanced α-Arbutin Essence
Price : SD$109

The ultimate anti-oxidant
One of the biggest causes of cell aging which leads to aging signs is damages from free radicals and UV rays

RonaCare AP:
- Neutralize free radicals
- Soothe inflammations
- Effects continue long after sun exposure
- Adapts its protective capacity to the skin conditions of the individual

For Beloved One Advanced α-Arbutin Lotion
Price SD$75

Squalane :
- Mimics body’s natural moisturizer
- Lightweight texture
- does not clog pores
- Anti-bacterial
- Soften dead skin cells
- Accelerate metabolism

- Combination of plant extracts (scutellaria, white mulberry, saxifrage and grape) with very high depigmentation effectiveness
-Treats pigment irregularities, such as spots for different skin tones.
- Helps prevent damages from external environment

For Beloved One Advanced α-Arbutin Cream Mask
Price : SD$100

Newest cream mask technology
Newest technology allows the cream mask texture to act as a coat to wrap in all the whitening essence. Once in contact with skin, the cream turns into essence and immediately penetrates into skin's basal layers, allowing optimal absorption.

- Coating capability
Protects ingredients, enhance absorption
- 3% Essence
For optimal whitening results
- Contains yeast extract
Regulates skin metabolism, brightens and refines skin texture

This cream mask feel really soothing, moist and nice on the skin~ I will do a seperate detail review on this once I tried it for a period of time.

For beloved one series is available exclusively at Sephora

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Be part of the 2014 Earth Hour

The Earth Hour is just a few days away (this coming Saturday) and as we all know that ‘protecting the planet’ is one of The Body Shop’s 5 key values. As such, TBS have been a regular supporter of Earth Hour each year, and this year they will  be celebrating Earth Hour with 3 initiatives:
1.       Say no to plastics
Partnering with the Earth Hour Digital Card, TBS will be rewarding shoppers who pledge to go green. From now till 2 May, for every Earth Hour Digital Card downloaded,  the card owner can get to purchase our eco-friendly Rainforest Shampoo or Conditioner (250ml) at only $10 each. And if the card owner manages to convince 5 other friends to go green and download the digital card, he/she will be rewarded with another $10 shopping voucher! It’s that simple!
2.       Say no to paper bags
On the 29 March 2014, TBS will be rewarding their Love Your Body™ Club members with 10 additional bonus points when they shop at The Body Shop.
3.       Lights off
And finally, TBS will be switching off their non-essential lights off from 8.30pm to 9.30pm on 29 March 2014. So don’t be surprised if it’s looks dimmer than usual when you shop at The Body Shop during that time.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

GOSH Cosmetics Spring 2014 collection

Sometimes back... can't remember when (ok la.. the last day of Jan 2014 - say so on the date of each images taken), I popped by Wisma Sasa outlet (newly opened) to check out GOSH Cosmetics new product launches.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review : Eucerin DermatoClean Waterproof eye make-up remover

I always lean towards waterproof eyeliner and mascara, especially those that are really dry and very hard to remove. So "oil" makeup remover are my best friend, because I only trust removing makeup with "oil".

I usually prefer one step removing all makeup by using cleansing oil in the shower (with dry hand of-course).. but I like to try point makeup remover on times when I'm not hitting the shower soon or when I wanna redo my makeup (which is not very common! lolx)

My point is.... I'm going to do a review on Eucerin DermatoClean Waterproof eye make-up remover (lolx)

  • The DermatoClean is a waterproof eye makeup remove that will removes waterproof mascara and eye makeup thoroughly and the oil is light enough for skin to breathe. 

  • Suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin
    (I agree - because I do not get any bumps or skin irritation from using it)

  • Fragrance and Alcohol free
  • Dermatologically tested

The liquid and the oil is seperated, have to shake well and mix both together before using it~
(Most point makeup remover have seperated oil/water content)

Ingredients list~
The first ingredient of this eye makeup remover is water

It's been a while since I do some "pictures" demo~
squeeze some(alot) of the mixture onto a cotton square (soak it well)

Here are some eyeshadows swatches (mufe eyeshadows)

And random lipstick, lipgloss, mascaras, eyeliner swatches

Put the wet cotton square over the swatches (leave it on for about 20-30seconds before wiping it off)

I still can see some of the eyeshadow stain 
(Just "repeat" by using a fresh piece of soaked cotton square can cleanse off any residuces)

Clean - skin does feel a little bit oil, but doesn't make skin feel stuffy, dry nor tight

- The makeup remover doesn't cause any skin irritation (I have sensitive skin)
- No breaking or clogged pores
- Doesn't feel too heavy/rich on the skin
- I normally will double cleanse
- Remove waterproof mascara and eye makeup nicely without pulling the skin (I means it still pulls a bit since I'm "wiping" my eye with cotton square..)
-  Skin doesn't feel tight nor dry after using
-  Does feel a bit oily, but certainly doesn't make skin feel stuffy

Over all - this is a good point makeup remover, doesn't stink my eyes, no irritation and surely doesn't cause any break-out or seed around the eye areas.

Eucerin DermatoClean Waterproof eye make-up remover
Price : SD$

Eucerin products are available at Watsons and all Eucerin counters

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Products was provided for consideration
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

A littte update and rambling on my skin condition

 (Since I got no decent pic of myself... I going to put kawaii dogs and baby instead)

This year 2014, I make a promise to myself that I wanna do more makeup related posts on the blog, because, I have been too lazy to take pictures after I put on makeup and I kinda blog more on product launches and skincare reviews.

Well.. reason being my skin(face) have been a little naughty and giving me a lot of headaches!! So.. trying and learning about new skincare are what I'm concerning about lately.....

Soon it start to wear me off.. it feels more like homework then fun/hobby for me!!! I wanna feel the fun and joy at blogging!! I want to be ALIVE (ok,ok.. this is a bit too much, hahahah)

But bad stuff happened! (If you have been following me on twitter you already knew that I have been feeling emo about my skin condition!)

Ever since I have some issue with my eczema (inflammation on my legs) last month(mid Feb)... my skin condition went down with it after I visit a TCM near my home.  (Just a day before my sister gave birth.. and I kinda being quite helpless when the baby around.. don't feel like touching her becos of my ugly skin... and I kinda feel bad cos I feel bad, itchy and painful! I scare ppls look at me and think I got some weird disease. Life suck!!!!)

Baby Ginny and Buibui

I think the medication trigger hives and it become the worse ever hives I've ever experienced in my 34 years of breathing!!! The itch was so unbarable that I scratch until all my skin feel so raw and sore (and not forgetting the horrible scars!!!) ... so horrible that I have to cover all up even in the hot 34°C weather! Imagine the itch, the flamming hot skin and sweat mixing together!!! (I feel like dying!)

And what seem bad GOT worse... I got allergy reaction to a "sunblock" I use on my face, which result in dry bumps around my face and eyes(which made my eye look swollen!!!) last week....

The good news was that I visited another TCM on Thursday and after acuputure and acuputure fire needle all over my eczema and my arms/chest... I feel better, the itch subsiding and my eczema kinda get better!(I'm happy~) But physically wise - I still look horrible :(

The acuputure fire is like burning a needle and poke it all over the skin again and again (x100times or more), I was lying there for about an hour... constantly poking my skin with burned needle! (Minus the pain.. skin kinda feel good! Agggg.. I'm not bian tai ok! hahahaa)

Edited (March 31, 2014)
After the 3rd visit to the TCM Clinic - the hives/eczema (全身性湿疹) was trigger by my immune system (no wonder I keep having hives for since late 2012!!!) The sinseh say he can make me better.. I have been reporting back to him every week for acuputure, fire needling and draw blood (whatever - as long as I feel better). Happy that my scars were reducing.. they look so much better now.. and I hope soon.. I can be itch free and my eye lid wont be that dry!

I fussed about my skin condition a couple days ago (link+pics)

 Notice my swollen eye? lolx

For the time being, I have to stop reviewing NEW skincare, STOP putting on makeup and AVOID going outside (I just wanna be dramatic about my sadness! Hahahaha) cos I cannot face the world yet! (or cover my face... I can wear sunglasses.. but it's just too much work!)....  I think I will be ok soon (I means my face) and I can be pretty again with makeup... (just ignoring the fact that my body wound would take a forever to be flawless again!)

SO for the time being - my skincare products are the one that I'm trust and have no issue with my sensitive skin~ (mostly deep hydrating products to ease the dry flakey skin.)

The Belif Peat Miracle revital eye cream is creamy and good to ease the the dry spots on my eye lid and around the eyes. Make my eyes look less swollen~

Albion essence, Hada Labo perfect gel (or Belif Aqua bomb) and Origins Drink up intensive overnight mask are great hydrating products!! Good for sensitive skin!! Oops I forgot to include La Roche-posay/Vichy spa water in the pic!

Thanks Bio-oil for sending me a bottle to heal my scars once the wound is healed
And when the pain's gone.. I'm gonna shower in Bio-oil

When I'm off with the medication, I'm going to drown myself with kind of supplement for beautiful skin!!!! (One of them is Skinbiotics Even+ whiter)

I need it!!! Else the slow process of healing without any help is gonna be a long and sad journey!!!

Thanks Huiting and Shumin for the understanding that I cannot review this awesome products that they've send me recently! 

But I will get to it once I sure I can start trying new skincare ( Dr Qu - A herbal-based skincare products that was infused with Demodicidin, a unique formulation of scientific technology and traditional Chinese medicine, designed to stop Demodex and prevent them from causing damage to the skin.)

Because seriously, I think this set of skincare will kinda helps in someway (check out their website for more information)

I hope that I will feel better soon (sooner) and get back to my usual boring life.... I find that this little huge episode of skin condition kinda ruin my little random life!

I want to be boring and random again!!!!!

Thanks for putting up with my rambling.... I just need an outlet for me to release some of my "stress"!!!

And not forgetting my peapea

Friday, March 21, 2014

LUSH Easter Collection

I believe LUSH is not some unfamiliar brand in Singapore, because it is so hard not to notice them and their lovely scent will sure lure you into their store! 

Recently, they launched their LUSH Easter Collection, and they are all-so-cute la! 

The box also very cute~

The 4 Easter collection bath products I got in the press kit~

Bunch of Carrots (150g)
Resuable bubble bar

Cute right~ I wanna hang this in the garden(if I have one! lolx)

Carrot soap (120g)

I'm going to give this a try once my hives/eczema (whatever skin condition I'm facing at the moment) healed!!!

Brightside bubble bar (200g)

This smell really really good... so good that I wanna take a bite~

Golden Egg Bath Ballistic (115g)

(Should be very gold and shinny like the above pic - the lighting change and the gold look so dull in the pic)

So do you have any favourite LUSH product??
If you have not try any LUSH Products, do pop by their outlets, check them out and enjoy~

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  • Wisma Atria
    435 Orchard Road, #B1-13
    Contact No: +65 6732 6758
    Retail hours: 10am - 10pm
    Nearest MRT station: Orchard

  • Suntec City Mall
    3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-303
    Retail hours: 10am - 10pm
    Nearest MRT station: Esplanade

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