Review : Vichy Normaderm Unclogging exfoliating gel

One of a few acne-prone skincare brands that I can use is VICHY Normaderm - they work well and doesn't dry nor irritate my sensitive combination skin.

Vichy Normaderm Unclogging exfoliating gel is an exfoliating product that is suitable for sensitive skin that doesn't contains soap, paraben and alcohol.

Ingredients list~

I'm almost finishing the whole tube of Vichy Normaderm Unclogging exfoliating gel and it took me about 8 weeks period (I use this once or twice per week - depend on my skin condition)

- The exfoliating gel is really moist and gelish and foam up really well and thick
- Cleanse well, without making the skin feeling dry nor tight
- Doesn't cause any skin irritation nor cause any break-out during the course of using
- Skin feel smooth and soft
- Does help to clear up build-up around blemishes

I really enjoy using the exfoliating gel - make skin look clearer, feel smoother and less "oily" (well.. my skin doesn't feel too oily.. just a little bit around the T-zone)

I'm someone who enjoy or should I say prefer cleansing water that contains exfoliating properties - less harsh and I can use it everyday... because our skin releases dead skin cell/sebum everyday!

Vichy is available at Watson and all major supermarkets that has the Vichy counters

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