Monday, February 24, 2014

Introducing BeautyBiotics Dream Cream series

A brand new generation of intelligent skin caring cosmetics, BeautyBiotics is launching this week! An Innovation + Science based skincare that doubles as a skincare and makeup range with all-in-one benefits. The brand stands for immediate skin fix, fuss-free looks with instant aesthetic transformation.

It's always fun to try innovation products (NEW one I means) ... though this range doesn't look too special - but the clean and neat packaging (I think it's the combination of white, red and black) makes this range look so interesting.

BeautyBiotics, an exciting new range of skin-caring and dermatologically tested cosmetics has finally hit the beauty product shelves in Singapore. BeautyBiotics is positioned as an intelligent beauty aid to offer advanced anti-aging beauty care that aims to target common skin concerns such as hydration, whitening, and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.

Inspired by the modern lifestyle led by today's busy women, BeautyBiotics was created to simplify the beauty routine of modern women. This new generation of intelligent dermatological cosmetics contain efficient formulas that multitask as well as modern savvy women do. Beauty Biotics delivers innovative clinically proven ingredient technologies that take on a number of healthy skincare benefits while remaining kind to your skin - every product by BeautyBiotics is dermatologist tested and suitable for sensitive skin types. It is time to get smart on your beauty routine.

All of BeautyBiotics’ products have been formulated through an extensive scientific research and development process in Japan. It adopts a no-nonsense, intelligent and focused solution for our skin’s needs, which is translated through its minimalist and clinical packaging.

To kick off its brand launch, BeautyBiotics is introducing its five powerhouse products. Under its
makeup range – the BB/CC Cream, BB + Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder and the UV White Nano Mineral Powder, all which have the common properties of being ultra lightweight makeup with powerful, hydration as well as sun protection factors.

Under its skin care range are two highly innovative skin cleansers, the Exfoliating Jelly and Collagen Cleanse designed to encourage skin cell regeneration and restoration of skin radiance
instantly after each cleanse

BeautyBiotics Dream Cream Exfoliating Jelly
Price : SD$43 

The Exfoliating Jelly is an advanced enzymatic facial peel that gently exfoliates thanks to its fruit-derived AHA + BHA enzymes, restoring clarity and newfound luminosity to skin. Each massaging motion lifts away dead skin cells to reveal the radiant youthful skin beneath, preparing skin to absorb nutrients fully.

This dermatologically formulated peel is gentle on skin, so your skin enjoys the benefits of a facial peel minus the irritation or downtime.

Ingredients list~

Ingredients list~

BeautyBiotics Dream Cream Collagen Cleanse Regeneration Daily Facial Cleanser
Price : SD$43

The Collagen Cleanse Regeneration Daily Facial Cleanser boosts a unique water activated crystal formulation that releases Nano-Collagen into your skin. The cleanser comes first in a powdered form, which is then turned into a foaming cleanser when mixed with water. The foam particles created by the Collagen Cleanse are so fine that they can thoroughly remove impurities from the pores, yet the release of Nano-Collagen keeps the skin well hydrated.

The end result - every time you cleanse, you help your skin to regenerate its collagen and elastin, leaving it deeply cleansed without stripping its natural oils.

 Ingredients list~

BeautyBiotics Dream Cream UV WHITE 
UV Protection & Whitening Mineral Powder
Price : SD$49

Another one of BeautyBiotics’ multitasking hard workers, the UV White mineral powder is an intelligently created powder that provides sun protection of up to SPF 50/PA+++, and an effective whitening treatment with its whitening Nano mineral powder ingredients. The best part of the UV White powder is that it is a very lightweight, easy to apply powder that comes in a nifty compact container and sponge applicator. It is definitely a more convenient alternative to the usual thick and sticky sunscreens we have currently.

In addition, the UV White Nano Mineral powder has Nano-collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Alpha Arbutin skin nutrients that infuse into skin continuously, helping skin regenerate, reduce pigmentation and lighten dark spots. So just like the modern woman today, the UV White Nano Mineral Powder plays multiple roles of skin tone correcting makeup, sun protector, skin whitener, and repairing skin care.

Ingredients list~

BeautyBiotics Dream Cream BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder
Available in 2 type (Matte and Shimmer) 
Price : SD$45

The BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder is a perfecting powder formulated with Nano technology to deliver nourishing nutrients into the skin’s deeper layers.

The airy formulation consists of nanonized light-diffusing pearl crystals that soften the way light falls on skin to minimize fine lines, provide long lasting coverage of pores as well as other skin imperfections. The result, youthful coverage is achieved while still maintaining skin’s luminosity. In addition, the BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder is also a powder with all the skin care benefits of a cream. It hugs skin to infuse a rich skincare concoction of Nano Collagen, Pearl Powder, Ceramide and Hyaluronic Acid, which help to repair, regenerate and hydrate skin.

Ingredients list~

BeautyBiotics Dream Cream BB/CC Beauty Balm Color Corrector
Available in 3 shades (Light, Natural and Shimmer)
Price : SD$39 each

A hardworking multi-tasker, the BB/CC Cream boasts a 12 Benefits-In-One advanced formula that not only has skin whitening properties, but also good coverage and long lasting hydration for up to 12 hours. In addition, the BB/CC Cream serves as a sunscreen with a broad spectrum SPF 40/PA+++. With the BB/CC Cream, wearing makeup and skincare is no longer a multi-step process because all one needs is a single application of the BB/CC Cream.


Ingredients list~

Will be trying out and do a details review in the near future~

BeautyBiotics Dream Cream series is available exclusively at leading Watsons stores. 

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