ITOH 100% Collagen Powder

ITOH Collagen is a low molecular collagen powder from Japan, retailing at SD$49.90 per box.

I'm more of a collagen drink person ... not so much on powder type, because most of the collagen powder that I've tried made my drink (juice/soup) taste funky which I really don't like.. but when I read that this is totally tasteless... I wanted to try it!

  • The Collagen powder is Color-less, tasteless, Non sugar, Non-fat collagen powder
  • Contain 300mg of Collagen per sachets, that can be dissolve to any drink or soup
  • Can be taken throughout the day.
  • Low Molecular powder enhance the absorption of collagen, to capture all the benefits that collagen contributes.
The collagen is extracted from healthy pig skin and cartilage, which is tested by Japan SPF standard.Besides, fat and gelatin are removed thru high purification technology. Hence ITOH collagen is safe and tasteless.

ITOH collagen can be added directly, 
to hot soup, food or drinks such as coffee, juice, milk or water

My thoughts on this ITOH Collagen Powder
  • I like that the powder is divided into sachet... easy for travelling(bring out)
  • Scent-less and tasteless
  • I've tried adding this to juices, coffee and soup.. really tasteless and doesn't have that strong fishy taste or smell at all!!!! I even pick up the powder and taste it... taste NOTHING at all!! I like that <3
  • Thought it does has the collagen "texture" (but it doesn't effect the taste on the foods/drinks)
  • I didn't experiences any discomfort while consuming the collagen powder (with my drinks of-course) 
  • The effect of "smooth and pretty" skin is too soon to tell.. but I always feel smoother when I have some sort of collagen intake (or apply good moisturizer/lotion on the skin) ((("psychology" thingy))) lolx 

The important thing is ...
If you feel good and happy, you will look and feel better~
I totally enjoy taking this collagen because, my juice/coffee/soup and whatever foods I'm having - the taste and smell doesn't effected by the collagen and I still "gain" the benefits of what collagen provide! This alone is a PLUS for me ^_^ Oh oh oh.... and this is non-fat and sugar free!!!

Quite worth a try.

Price : SD$49.90 per box
Available exclusively at Guardian and Hannah Holding Website


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