Introducing the New Super Playboy Blockbuster Fragrances and body care line

Not too long ago (which is last year, October 2013...  lolx), Playboy Fragrances launched a new seductive fragrances for HIM and HER - Super Playboy.

It said that with a single intoxicating spritz, the two new scents from Playboy Fragrances will turn you into the super seducer of the night. OooOooooh~ Kindy~ 

Anyway, I received a set of  "HER" Super Playboy Fragrances last week and I really like the color combination of hot pink and black - it look so much cuter as compare to their previous VIP range - gold and black colors combination.

The set consists of the Super Playboy fragrance, body mist and deodorant

"In the world where anything can happen and probably will, get ready for an adventure of epic proportions. From the shadows of the night rises a new kind of Hero, a master of seduction, introducing Super Playboy."  

Super Playboy (For HIM)
Price :: SD$19.90(50ml) 
A super-seductive fragrance with the power to turn the chat-up routine into a mere formality…  

  • Power to captivate:
    The unexpected explosion of sparkling bergamot, juicy red apple and spicy pepper will get her attention…super-fast!
  • Power to win her over:
    Amuse with clean cool lavender combined with warm cinnamon leaf and juicy lush pineapple. You’re in ‘Super Playboy’ mode.
  • Power to sweep her off her feet:
    She won’t be able to resist the indestructible cedarwood combined with powerful patchouli and sensual amber. Now she knows you’re serious.
An Eau de Toilette as handsome as the Super Playboy wearing it! An electric blue juice shines out from this manly squared off bottle. The carton features a black and blue electrifying cityscape, overlaid with a gleaming silver bunny head: elegant and self-assured.

 Super Playboy Deodorant for HIM
Price : SD$6.50 (150ml)
An electrifying dark blue pack, with a warm woody invigorating fragrance

Super Playboy (For HER)

  • Power to attract :
    A bar-style blend of a margarita cocktail, energy drink and mandarin will capture his attention… super-fast!
  • Power to make him super addicted :
    Exotic paradise flower, sweet freesia and the utterly mouth-watering ‘amour en cage’ will get him hooked.
  • Power to be unforgettable :
    Seal the deal with sensual amber, warm Massoia wood and sexy musks. Now you’re in his dreams forever!

Super Playboy Fragrance 
Price : SD$17.90 (50ml)

A beautiful bottle slides out from the mysterious cityscape box. Spray on the fragrance and instantly unleash your hidden powers of seduction…

The usual signature bottle design - look so much cuter in hotpink and black right?

Mysterious and exclusive feeling: our sexy heroine wouldn’t dream of using anything less. Hot fuchsia juice glows inside a bunny head bottle with a black and pink bow tie cap. It’s ready to transform you into the super seducer of the night! The carton features a black and pink glossy cityscape carton. A sexy zipped bunny’s head hints at a seduction where you call the shots.

The perfume "juice" is in hot fuchsia (hot pink) too

A first spritz ... the scent totally reminds me of Lancome Tresor midnight rose and Ferragamo Signorina... Super Playboy has the same cheerful sweetness from the cocktails of sweet florals and fruits. If you enjoy both Lancome and Ferragamo - Super Playboy is another alternative (reasonable prize tag too).

Ingredients list of Super Playboy Fragrance

Super Playboy Deodorant
Price : SD$5.90 (75ml)

Super Playboy deodorants are formulated to keep even the busiest super seducers feeling ready for anything, all day long, with 24 hours of protection. The exhilarating scents have the same addictive power as the fragrances, and are a breeze to spray on all over.

The scent of this is a bit milder as compare to the EDT~
As for the lasting power (so far so good - I didn't wear it long enough to know whether this will last on a super hot humid day)

Ingredients list of Super Playboy Deodorants

Super Playboy body mist
Price : SD$9.90 (200ml)

Featuring the same irresistible scent profile as the EDT, a light spritz of the Super Playboy body mist will keep you smelling feminine and undeniably delectable all-day, everyday.

Has the same sweetness, but less intense as compare to the EDT
Quite refreshing on the skin... doesn't feel sticky or oily on the skin too.

Ingredients list of Super Playboy Body Mist

Most Playboy Fragrances are quite less intense in musky or woody field, so I find that it is a good layering fragrance for that extra cheerfulness (sweetness).

Playboy Fragrances is available at selected Watsons, Guardian, NTUC Fairprice and SASA

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