Klairs Illuminating supple blemish cream SPF 40 PA++ (Review)

Klairs Illuminating supple blemish cream with SPF 40 PA++ - A Korean brand bbcream that will brighten up dull complexion, whiten, reduce wrinkle and control sebum.

Klairs has a unique smart color system that will blend into any skin tone without covering the original skin shade.

Suitable for sensitive skin, as this bbcream minimize irritation to the skin with their unique formula for trouble skin.

Overview of the box~

  • No Animal Testing
  • No Alcohol
  • NO Paraben
  • No artifical coloring
  • Eco-friendly

Klair's bbcream is target for Wrinkle, hydration and Soothing...

Main ingredients
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Niacin amide
  • Allantoin
  • Adenosine
  • Aloe Barbadensis lead juice

Ingredients list...

Come in a sleek, clean and easy to use squeeze tube~

(Taken near window in day lighting)

The shade of this bbcream is quite nice - not yellowish, reddish nor orangey

Bbcream on my cheek
(Please excuse my reddish spot marks cheek)
Taken in indoor lighting (without flash)

(Taken near window in day lighting)
Doesn't look like I have "color" on my skin.. 
the bbcream even out my complexion and minimize abit of redness

The bbcream feel like moisturizer on the skin, it doesn't have the "bbcream/liquid foundation" type of thickness on the skin......

After trying out the Klairs Illuminating supple blemish cream SPF 40 PA++ here's my thoughts

  • I'm not too sure about the smart color system.... when I squeeze out the bbcream, it look light but not too pale (I prefer pale looking bbcream, because they will brighten up my complexion better then just beige tone bbcream)
  • After, applying the bbcream on my face - it doesn't look dark on me. Blend nicely into my skin shade without adding more color to my skin.  I don't see the visible thickness of the bbcream on my skin. (you know those bbcream/foundation type of thickness).
  • The bbcream feel nice on the skin
  • Pretty good oil control - doesn't make my T-zone look too shine even with "Illuminating primer" and highlighter .. (I simply love glowy/dewy face!)
  • No skin irritation
  • No breaking out during the pass few weeks of using this bbcream
  • I find that this bbcream was quite soothing for inflammation skin (warm skin which has afew bumps)
  • Not too sure whether this will heal blemishes/acnes... cos I have been using all kinda of preventing inflammation/oil control serum and ects! (I got some crazy inflammation breakouts around my nose, nose and forehead.. argggg!)
  • I don't see any visible of skin lightening (maybe cos I'm quite fair or I never use it long enough.. only tried this out for more then a month)
  • Doesn't make skin look cakey, patchy or thick
  • The bbcream is quite moisturizing
  • Lightweight
  • The bbcream was not too thick in texture, quite creamy
  • Doesn't feel too oily
  • Has a nice dewy illuminating finishing
    (Made skin look natural, nice and radiance ... no disco ball type of effect la)
  • Doesn't feel too sticky
    (Just the cream/lotion-y type of feeling/texture)
  • The bbcream last a good 6 -10hrs indoor..
    For in and out of air-con places.. the lasting power was quite average - about 5-6hrs
  • I tend to reach for this bbcream more iften then any other bbcream or liquid foundation when I'm in a rush. This bbcream is so easy to apply and blend oh so nicely into my skin.

Klairs Illuminating supple blemish cream SPF 40 PA++ is available on their website (Link)
Made in Korea
Price : USD$24.99 (40ml)

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