Clio, Sephora and Catrice eyeliners swatches

Recently, dig out some eyeliners that I purchased "months" ago . Catrice, Sephora Jumbo and Clio bloody range eyeliners.

I only managed to find these in my drawers..  can't remember where I kept the others  :( 
Buy buy buy put it aside and totally forgot about them!! I need to pack my room and makeup area soon!! It's getting way too messy!

I haven't been using "pencil" type of eyesliners for ages.. I use liquid liner most of the time because they are easy to use! (kekekee)

Ok.. here are the swatches of these pretty and fun liners~

Clio Gelpresso waterproof pencil gel liner
Price : SD$18.90
This color is sooo pretty, love using this on my water line.. but it doesn't last too long 
(nothing last long on water line!!!!)

Pretty right... I wanna use this as a lid color someday
(on days when I'm not rushing out)

Sephora Crayon Jumbo Pencil
Price : SD$17
I just got these recently... cos it so creamy and easy to use 
(Just nice and easy color to use)

Check out Catrice when it just launched at Guardian back in May...
They have a huge range of products for very afforable price tag!

Got 2 Long lasting waterproof eyeliner
Price: SD$5.90 each


I'm going to start using all my colorful pencil liners on my water line/lash line.

More fun with a pop of color on boring eye makeup! I tend to reach for beige, gold, bronze... when I'm rushing out!! (I need to manage my time wiser so that I won't be rushing out!!!!!!!

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