Introducing Peripera Lip Tint Series (Swatches)

Peripera launched the 3 lip tint series in Singapore Watsons. The collection consist of tint crayon (3shades), Water tint (2 shades) and Tint marker (3shades). Peri's lip tints collection is all about fun, fresh and sweet!
I received the orange juice water tint and Fruity Pink tint crayon (More swatches below)

Here's an overview of the counter display of the Peripera Lip tint series at Watsons (Flagship outlet at Takashimaya)  The fresh face of the illustrator Mari Kim and her cute design print for the brand.

Peri's Water Tint 
Available in Orange Juice(#3) and Cherry Juice (#1)

Vibrant colored lips with just one swipe
  • Vibrant color!
    Contains color blaster like strawberry, cherry berry and orange extracts which will give lips extra vibrancy.
  • Long lasting
    No need for multiple applications. Just apply once and create the perfect lips shade.

The bottle totally look like a nail polish bottle...

(L)Orange Juice and (R)Cherry Juice

Peri's Tint Crayon
Price : SD$14.90
Available in Fruity Pink (#1), Fruit Orange (#2) and Fruity Mint (#3)

Give lips a sexy tint with this easy to apply tint crayon
  • Super moisturizing
    Contains sweet almond oil and Jojoba oil which will keep lips feeling soft for long hours.
  • Easy to apply
    An auto type crayon that stay neat and clean until the last application.

Peri's Tint Marker
Price : SD$14.90
Available in Plum stain(#1), Orange stain (#02) and Pink stain (#3)

Vibrant color with Peri's tint marker
  • Waterproof effects
    Feel the fresh texture with this easy to use marker. Contains only the freshest ingredients like orange and peach water with vitamin E which will moisturize and keep lips supple.
  • Easy to carry and use
    No need to adjust the amount of contents to use.


Let's have some pictures spamming on the 2 lip tints that I received in the mail (from the company).

Peri's Water tint in Orange Juice (#1)
Price : SD$11.90

Labels.... mostly in Korean

Come with a doe foot applicator which was so moist 
(I means it suck up a lot of the "water tint" on the applicator!)

Here's my bare lips

The water tint is super watery... it feels like water too!

Just one coat....

The water tint gives a perfect tint.. if I just apply on the inner center of my lips for a sweet and barely there lip color. 

The water tint, doesn't feel sticky or oily..... just moist only! 
(Has a faint hint of sweetness)

When I wipe/dap off the water tint... it does stain my lips a bit

Peri's tint crayon in Fruity Pink (#1)
Price : SD$14.90

Label.. mostly in Korean

My bare lips again
(same pic from the above.. I find it weird to retake a new bare lips pic.. lolx)

So moist and easy to apply.....

It was so pigmented.... 
the shade was more intense then it look when I swatch it on the back of my hand!!!

It gets a bit more intense after afew seconds
Lips feel so moist and my lips look moist too!!!!

Can see how moisturizing this tint crayon are!!!!!
Doesn't feel stick, wavy or too oily..
A bit oily la.. like lip balm type of feeling without the"thickness" (ointment type of feeling.. where most lip balm feels like.)

Stain remains.. it look a bit darker (more pink) in real life

Overall this is a fun lip products... I'm soooooo tempted to get the Cherry Juice Water tint.. so that I have that center inner lip stain type of sweet lips (lolx) <3

Peri's Lip Tint series is available exclusively at selected Watsons outlets.
Price from SD$11.90 to SD$14.90

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