Bourjois Limited Edition Volume Glamous MAX Holidays Colored Mascara

Stalked BHG for the Bourjois newly released limited edition Volume Glamous MAX Holidays Colored Mascaras weeks ago... They come in small (travel size) which retail for SD$14 a pop (available at Watsons too).

How can I resist these pretty colored mascaras Beside BHG was having 20% on Bourjois!!!
I check out not one but two ^^ (Purple and Blue)  Great BUY! kekekeke

It's a good size (for me la) cos I can never finished up my mascara before it's dries up or get too old to use it again! lolx

Totally love the jumbo size brush applicator!

Here's the swatches 

I have been wearing both shades since I got them.. and I LOVE them!!
  • The color was pretty intense and vibrant on my black lashes
  • doesn't smudge (though it does flake abit - not much that will cause uglyness)
  • does lengthen and volume 
  • Love the pop of color on my black eyeliners
    (I can wear it when I'm super lazy to put on eyeshadows! Kekekeke)

Me wearing the blue mascara 
(Love the pop of bright blue - it's brighter and much more vibrant then the MAC "wonder women" collection blue mascara)

Forgot to take a day time pic of me wearing the Purple mascara
Here's one that I took at the end of the day
 In normal indoor lighting the purple might look abit like blue.. but in day lighting the purple is soft and oh so NICE~ I prefer the purple one over the blue! Kekekekeke~

Also check out Chanel latest colored mascara collection the other days...

I swatched all the colored mascara except the black one (it's just black)

Compare swatches... with the Bourjois colored mascaras 
Bourjois blue is much brighter and without shimmers.