Kate New Matte shade brows mascara in BE-1 (Swatch on brow)

Recently, Kate Cosmetics released 2 new matte shades brow mascara into their collection. I love their existing shimmery shades (gold and redish bronze). So when I saw the new matte shade, I just have to HAVE IT :b  

Each brow's mascara retail at SD$14.90 Very reasonable - because I personally love their brow's mascara - I have original 2 shimmery shades - they are very lasting and coat the brows nicely without making a mess (I means not too wet).

Left to Right : BE-1 and BR-1
Swatches taken at Watsons

The one I got is Shade BE-1 
(The nude shade - I need to tone down my brows)

Ingredients list

Please excuse my base face 
(I'm just wanna do a brow's swatch.. so no point "adding" base/eyes colors)

Here's my bare brow

Normally I will fill in my brow with liquid brow liner (I love Kpalette 24hrs liquid brow liner)

Personally wise.. I don't like too "dark" brows (it make me look very fierce) so after filling in the brow and shape it.. I will use a spoolie to brush it thru to soften the harsh line before using the brow mascara.

I can stop here.. but because of my hair color, I will use brow mascara to correct the brow color.
I have a major inflammation spot popped right in the middle of my brows!
I lighten the color, so the redness won't be so irritating (waahahaha)

To cover evenly : need to brush opposite direction  
( ← ← ) and then smooth the brow back nicely ( → → )

I didn't coat it fully, I did use a clean spoolie to soften and blend out the brow mascara when it's abit semi dry (I don't want my brows to look too pale).

Left : untouch brow 
Right: filled and coat with brow's mascara

With my red/orangey hair.. I will add in an extra step by "filling in with red/orange" matte shadow before using the brow mascara to blend all colors together.

The new Kate Brow mascare shade is available at Watsons
Price : SD$14.90 each 

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