Hada labo Whitening Lotion New Nano Formula

Hada Labo launched the Hada Labo Whitening lotion with new Nano formula. For fairer, moist and brighter skin with Arbutin and Vitamin C along with Hyaluronic acid.

On Drop Reveals Natural Fairness
A combination of 3 types of hyaluronic acid for 3X the hydration power

  • Arbutin and Vitamin C
    Arbutin is an extract from natural bearberry plant. With effective whitening properties, Arbutin is used to enhance skin fairness and helps fight dark spots. Dull skin is renewed to reveal clear, fair skin.

  • Vitamin C
    enhances the skin's fairness and repairs dry, dull skin caused by exposure of UV rays.

Using only the finest and purest ingredients without unnecessary additives, colourant, alchohol, fragrance and mineral oils, Hado Labo's Whitening range stays true to its PERFECT X SIMPLE brand philosophy.

Natural Fairness:
Has natural bearberry(Arbutin) that fades brown spots and blemishes. Prevent future spots and even skin tone.

Super Hydration:
Unique triple hydluronic acid formula fully hydrates the skin from surface to deep within. Skin is smoother to relect light better.

Bright Glow:
A special blend of Vitamin C increase the glow of the skin day by day.

Ingredients list

The lotion look thick ... it's not those clear type, but it feel pretty watery

Here my thoughts on this Hada Labo Whitening Lotion with New nano formula
I never tried the previous version, cos normally I tend to avoid trying whitening products (except, sunblock, cleanser, remover or makeup bases) . Because whitening products always make my skin feel weird not in a bad way... some just feel abit too rich that causes red bumps around my cheeks or chin.

I gave in and give this lotion a try ^^ and omy gosh... I'm not regretting!!!!

  • The lotion feels very watery
  • Not sticky
  • Not oily
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation
  • No breaking out 
  • didn't see any visible whitening/lighting of my skin tone
  • the complexion does look abit more even
  • Skin look abit brighter
  • skin look more supple
  • texture wise - doesn't change much (I guess cos I always "|hydrate" my skin well)
  • lotion feel really soothing on the skin
I pour a lot of the lotion onto a cotton square (soak it well) and then lightly pat it all over my face and eyes (eyes closed la)... the lotion feel so refreshing on my warm skin (I tend to have warm and inflammated skin lately - no more tightness nor dryness - I'm back to my normal/usual combination skin!!) and quite moisturizing.

Tips :
I soak up a cotton square really well with the lotion, pat/dab it all over my face, pour more lotion onto the same piece of the cotton square and repeat... keep repeating until skin feel cooling to touch (which means the skin is fully hydrated with "moisture" - Which usually took about 30 +/- secs)

Skin will look fresh and brighter.... pores look tighter also, skin now is well hydrated and ready for eyecream/serum/moisturizer. (Moisture/hydrated ... damp skin will enhance the application of your skincare products.)

I didn't do the patting motion like what Hada Labo wants us to do with their "lotion" (refer to below youtube's clip)

I really enjoy using this lotion, and I like this better then the normal Hada Labo nano (Oops - this just feel sooo nice~ maybe because my skin like this(product) NOW... since our skin change all the time! Guess the right product comes at the right timing! lolx)

I start using this on 4th May and today (28th May 2013) almost 4 weeks.. I have gone thru half bottle!!!

From my pass experiences, the normal Hada labo lotion tend to feel a bit less effective after 3 months (from opening)- so I guess, with the amount I'm using NOW... I can finished up this bottle in another 4weeks or less.

Available at Watsons, Guardian, Fairprice, Unity, SASA and departmental stores.
Price : SD$22.90

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