For beloved one 20% Mandelic Acid Renewal Serum

In April 2013, For Beloved One introduce a gentle peeling treatment - 20% Mandelic Acid Renewal Serum - A one step gentle chemical peel treatment.

The leading cosmeceutical skincare brand For Beloved One newly launched the 20%  Mandelic Acid Renewal Serum, bringing clinical treatments into our daily skincare routine, causing a Mandelic Acid skin renewal sensation. It uses within safety range, the highest concentration of DL-Mandelic Acid (20%) with skin-friendly and effective pH level 3.5, which can gently penetrate deep into skin pores to clear acne, block the generation of melaini and brighten dull skin tone. In addition, the patent ingredient Malaclear2™ gently exfoliates the accumulated dead skin cell on skin surface to create white and radiant skin.

With carefully selected lipophilic Mandelic Acid that is mild and hypoallergenic, For Beloved One 20% Mandelic Acid, we may start our own "Skincare Quartet" at home, ensuring four skincare benefits and three guarantees.

4 skincare benefits to  achieve perfect, baby like skin::
  • Brightens complexion
  • clears pores
  • exfoliates
  • firms and prevents wrinkles
Three guarantess to making skin peeling treatment at home convenient and easy
  • safe
  • hypoallergenic
  • low irritant

Cell metabolism is crucial to maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. For beloved one 20% Mandelic Acid Renewal Serum replaces the common exfoliator, which only provides superficial exfoliation utilizing physical rubbing motion to get rid of surface dead skin cells. Extracted from precious bitter almonds For beloved one 20% Mandelic Acid Renewal Serum uses the multi-functional DL-Mandelic Acid to not only metabolize dead skin cells but also solve problems such as acne, dullness, dark spots, fine lines etc.

For beloved one 20% Mandelic Acid Renewal Serum uses the highest concentration of 20% and pH level 3.5 that is within safety range for clinical skin renewal care at home. Utilizing the lastest cosmeceutical technology, this high concentration, hypoallergenic Mandelic Acid formula ensures safe and effective, visible results, breaking through your skincare plateau and achieving smooth, youthful and glowing skin. It also avoids potential damages to skin that may be caused by other Mandelic acid products in the current market.

Achieve results close to clinical cosmetic treatments within 3 weeks

Ingredients list

I have very sensitive and eczema skin condition and weirdly enough sometimes my skin can use products that might be too harsh for sensitive skin.. I guess I'm just GOOD at selecting the type of products I use on my face (lolx) or I'm very good at hydrating+moisturizing my skin after any kind of "acid" serum. I normally (for these couple of years) don't use whitening or anti-blemishes skincare if I do use, I will sure end it with a moisturizing moisturizer or cream.

Before (Date 8th April 2013)

After (29th April 2013)

After trying this 20% Mandelic Acid Renewal Serum for 3 weeks
(3-4time on the first week and twice on 2nd and 3rd weeks)

  • The serum feels very watery and a bit oil when apply on the skin
  • I accidently tasted the serum and it was oh soooo sour!!!!! (bleh :p)
  • Absorb quite fast and set into the skin very well
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation
  • Does have minor bit break-out (But I believe it's those hidden type and was being focus out by the serum) and it heal quite fast without too obvious scarring.
  • After about my 3rd to 4th application, I notice that my pores look smaller (weeeeee~)
    My sister also using this and she notice smoother skin texture and small pores size after the 2nd application!
  • The acid does feel a bit harsh on broken skin (do avoid the area)
I do not used this daily - I use it like once or twice a week - so I do not experiences any peeling (flakey skin). For any "acid" type of product I don't recommend using it daily for combination skin or sensitive skin.

Over all, this serum does minimized pores, smooth out the skin texture, even out skin complexion. I believe using this long term wise (I means more then 3 weeks, I can see more good result)

Right after I took these set of "After" pics... I have a few break-outs!!!! And one is right in the middle of my brows!!!!!!!  It's time to change my rich night cream to lighter moisturizer. (*sign~)

My skin start to feel like normal again, no more tightness, dryness and it start to oil up =_="' (I'm back to oily combination skin - and I start to have inflammation from time to time around my face!!! Donno want to cry or laugh! lolx  Anyway, it's better then painful tight dehydrated skin.)

For beloved one 20% Mandelic Acid Renewal Serum
Price : SD$95 (30ml)

Available exclusively at Sephora:
  • Ngee ann city
  • ION
  • Great World City
  • Marina Bay Sands
  • Vivocity
  • Bugis +
  • The Atrium @ Orchard

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