Review : Origins Make a difference Plus + Rejuvenating treatment

Finished the whole jar of Origins Make a difference Plus + Rejuvenating treatment and I can say... I'm good to do a review on how I feel on this jar of moisturizer.

I totally forgot to take any picture before I start using the product (have been so forgetful lately.. I need multi-vitamin to strengthen my memories and everythings!!! Age really catching up on me!!!!! *sigh*) so please excuse the almost empty jar(images).

Read more about the product introduction (link)

Origins Make A Difference™ Plus+ collection used an advanced technology that will supply non-stop moisture for hydrated skin. When I read this line... I'm SOLD!!!

You all must have know that I have been complaining that for the pass year, my skin have changed from combination skin to dry and tight "irritated" skin... so my skin need deep hydration.. and I have totally changed my skincare routine from using gel cream to thick cream!!!

And this.. to my surprise, even with the light weight texture... the gel keep my skin hydrated!

Check out the texture of this treatment moisturizer

After a week of using this moisturizer.... I lost about half of content when I dropped it on the floor :(  Luckily, the glass jar never break into a million pieces and I still have a good half jar left and it last me about 7 weeks.

Normally a jar of 30ml moisturizer can last around 1 month plus and 50ml can last about 2 months plus (daily usage/twice per day) depend on the texture of the moisturizer. I tend to use a bit more on gel cream texture.

This Origins Make a difference Plus + Rejuvenating treatment, is a semi gel cream texture(more gelish then creamy), very moist and easy to spread.. hence I don't need to use a lot to cover my whole chubby face!
Here's my thought on this jar of moisturizing treatment::
  • Very moisturizing
    I don't need to apply alot and it keep my dehydrated and tight dry skin hydrated (I sleep in Air-con room)
  • Easy to spread all over the skin(face) without pulling the skin
  • lightweight
  • Don't have to use alot also
  • Very moisturizing
  • absorbed really well
  • Has a velvety finishing
  • Skin feel smooth and soft
  • Pores look less dry and huge (it's does minimized the pores)
  • Skin texture look smoother also
  • Doesn't cause any break out
  • No irritation
  • Doesn't feel oily nor sticky
  • Doen't make skin feel stuffy
  • Smell nice - not too strong.. just a light soothing and sweet scent
I like that this moisturizer feel light, not oily and still can keep my dehydrated, tight painful skin moisturized and at the same time make my skin feel oh-so-smooth! (lolx) I'm not kidding you.. go feel the "moisturizer" yourself at the counter or ask for a sample to try it out.

Make A Difference™ Plus + Rejuvenating Treatment is available at all Origins counters.

Retail Price : SD$78 (50ml)

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