Bio Essence BIO Spring Water (Review)

Back in September 2012, Bio Essence launched BIO Spring Water. Said to have 20 Marvelous Results for Hair, Face & Body.

Uniquely low in mineral content yet rich in trace minerals to ensure 2X cooling, soothing, softening, moisturizing and anti-irritating effects.

Ideal for all skin types, Bio-essence Bio-Spring Water is the coolest spring water that yields the best soothing, anti-irritation and calming effects on skin. Adapting unique Bio-technology to combine Spring Water and Bio-Energy Fluid, Bio-Spring Water contains trace mineral to create energy to stimulate blood and oxygen circulation.

High Trace Minerals for Healthy Skin
Skin cells suffer from fatigue and skin dullness from environmental aggressions and mineral deficiencies. Trace minerals are essential minerals required by human health. It accelerates skin healing process and gives the skin sufficient hydration to improve on skin roughness.

Bio-essence Bio-spring Water contains high trace minerals which are the perfect, natural treatment to obtain optimum skin care health. While minerals are vital in modern skin care, higher mineral content releases more energy and heat which will be drying to the skin.

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Unique Points with multi-efficacies for face, body and hair
Having unique composition, Bio-Spring water is specially low in mineral content and sodium chloride content yet rich in trace minerals, ensuring 2X effect for cooling and soothing sensitive and irritated skin.

Low in mineral content creates lesser energy and heat which is ideal for cooling and soothing sensitive and irritable skin. Low in Sodium Chloride of 2.432mg/l absorbs least skin moisture, ensures the best moisturizing effects. High Sodium Chloride content dehydrates skin as it absorbs moisture from the skin. Optimal pH value of 6.45 is closest to skin's natural pH value, is mild and  non-irritating.

Bio-essence Bio-Spring Water fits both genders and works for all age groups, not just for the face but also for the body and hair.

 Idea for
  • controls oil effectively
  • Refines pores
  • Whiten and brightens skin
  • Firms skin with better elasticily
  • Lifts skin
  • Reduces dark cicles
  • Reduces eye bags
  • Relieves sensitive skin
  • Relieves pimples and reduces redness
  • Use after makeup for longer lasting and natural look
  • Moisturizes and nourishes skin
  • Relieves tiredness, energizing
  • Soothes skin after treatment

  • Moisturizes for lustrous hair
  • Relieves dryness and split ends

  • Refreshes and soothes skin after exercise
  • Soothes and calms damage skin
  • Under hot sun to moisturize and refresh skin

For babies
  • Ideal skincare for babies
  • soothes diaper rashes

Directions of use:
Hold the bottle at a distance not less than 20 cm from targeted area and spray onto face/
skin/ hair and pat it dry gently. (Do not need to pat dry after makeup) .

Ingredients ::

After trying this out for about a month... here's my thoughts on this product ::
  •  The Spring water doesn't feel special.. it feels like water when first spray it on my face and body
  • The cooling effect does make skin feel soothing
  • I spray on a cotton pad(soak it up with spring water) an pat it all over my face (use it like toner/lotion) and it does feel really soothing.
  • Use after cleansing(shower)
    Doesn't feel too moisturing, cos skin still feels abit tight after the spring water absorbed into my skin. (anyway I'm applying serum/moisturizer right after)
  • It does feel abit moisturizing when I use it as face mist.
    (When skin feel tired
  • When the spring water absorbed, my skin feel smooth (the powdery smooth type of feeling)
  • Not so calming on itchy spot like inflammation or skin irritation (which I always have on my legs)
  • I do enjoy using this a a pre-moisturizer spray/toner/lotion(whatever others name it)
    It made skin feels refreshed and ready for moisturizer.
  • It doesn't taste salty or bitter... just like plain water
    (Some spa water spray to have some "taste" to it.. I have tried Uriage/Vichy/la roche posay/ Avene/Evian ...)
  • When my scalp feels abit itchy (due to dryness), I spray some on the area and it does help! Scalp feel abit soothing. Most of the time if my scalp feel itchy due to "oilyness" I just use dry shampoo! (The powdery type works better then the "non powdery version)
  • As fix spray after makeup - it's doesn't cake up or make my foundation look patchy. It even out the over powdery finishing. Give skin a nice soft dewy glow.
Overall, I do like to use this as a pre-moisturizer toner/lotion... I love the cooling and refreshing sensation on my skin. After this is just "spring" water... they won't give much pression or irritation to sensitive skin.

Good product for sensitive, trouble or acne prone skin - cos this(or any of the spa/spring spray water) doesn't contain much irritant ingredients to cause a bundle to the already trouble skin.

 *100ml can last for about 2 weeks of everyday use - day and night as pre-moisturizer "spray".

SD$5.90     For  5ml
SD$12.90   For 100ml
SD$28.90   For 300ml

Available at Watsons Singapore

I'm not affiliated with the company.
Product was provided for consideration.

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