The BodyShop Winter Trend Get the Party look Collection (Limited Edition)

Sometimes ago (I know, I have been so late on posting this.. alot of stuff happened and I don't think it would be interesting to tell story here right?? Anyway...), attended The Body Shop bloggers Workshop and we got to try out the "Get the Party Look" collection.... (Anyway, I post some of the products images on my instagram (live) so.. to keep getting more up-to-date information .. follow me on my instagram ok? Please? Kekekek ^.~)

Eye Palette : 02 Smokey Moonstone
Price : SD$39.90

Swatches in various lighting...

Eye Palette : 01 Smokey Copper
Price: SD$39.90

Swatches in various lighting.....

Colourglide Shine
Price : SD$22.90
Available in 4 shades

  • 10 Copper
  • 11 Coral
  • 12 Ruby
  • 13 Rose

Swatches in various lighting...

Metallic Eye Definer Pencil
Price: SD$19.90

Available in 4 shades

  • Gold
  • Golden Brown
  • Moonstone
  • Copper brown

Swatches on Golden brown and Gold Metallic Eye Definer Pencil

The Sparkler
Price : SD$39.90
Available in 2 shades
Bronze and Gold

Dazzling Rock
Price : SD$32.90

I got one after the workshop (I means other day)
Cos the bronzer doesn't look too dark or red/grey/muddy on my skin.... GOOD BUY!! lolx

Made up of 2 beautiful creamy pigment "balls" shade of pearl and bronze...

Mix the 2 shades together and blended out...

Here are some of the shots I took at the Winter Trent Makeup Workshop @ ION Prologue

Larry Yeo doing demo on using the whole "Get the Party Look" collection

I came with base (sunblock/bbcream/brows)
Following Larry steps on using the palette to create day/night look...

Here's my before and after look... Sorry about the lighting changed (I should have use flash to keep the "color" tone balance)
The look is without eyeliner and blushes... so not use to it(lolx.. cos eyeliner can make my eyes look abit wider and bigger!)

I like the lip color... I'm using lip balm and Ruby (lip balm is to sheer out the red from Ruby)

Me and always cheerful Larry <3

After the workshop... we all went down to Basement to check out the Bodyshop outlet for the Christmas collection/gift...

The goodies.... (Awhole bunch of body products.... )

Here's a clip from to get the Winter Trend look....
Moonstone Smokey Eye Tutorial

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