Shu uemura 2013 Spring/Summer collection

For spring/summer 2013 Shu Uemura Chief International Make-up Artist Yuji Asano evokes the magic of dreams. a colorful array of pastel floral shades and diverse textures are inspired by glorious budding flowers that bloom when dreams comes true.

Combining matte and shiny textures in one make-up design, shu uemura enlivens the face with a fresh, awe inspiring and totally original beauty. the limited edition packaging features vibrant new interpretations of the legendary unmask logo design.

 Going to feature/swatches afew of the products from the Blossom dream collection

Eye shadow palette (limited edition)
Price : SD$98

Re-discover the joy of shu uemura’s professional atelier with three new special edition matte textured refills in charming pastel shades for your palettes. now everyone can easily achieve pro-level make-up gradation, color payoff, and ultra-smooth matte texture.

“matte texture gives a more soothing, warm, and soft impression than pearl or glitter textures. even when exposed to a strong light, matte texture maintains true color. pale, soft, and warm colors are best suited to matte textures.”

Eyeshadow unmask palette pink

This shades in this palette is soft and beauty... not so crazy, suitable for day to night makeup. I'm into more soft matte, velvety shades of colors lately.. so I have fun using this palette ^_^

Swatches in various lighting

Price : SD$33

The prelude to a beauty dream begins by adding an alluring tint to lips, the ultimate symbol of femininity. a combination of nudey pastel colors and 4 dreamy limited edition shades are offered in two different textures. rouge unlimited (limited edition)

 Rouge unlimited in Bright Orange

WOW WOW WOW... I love this orange... (love this color for bags or shoes or hair!!!! Kekekekee)

Swatches in various lighting

Lips swatches

Cheek color : glow on (new shade)
5 new shades in pearl and matte texture for a complexion abloom with fantasy. from blissful pink to vibrant oranges, the range is newly enriched with vibrant dreams and feminine delight.

Grow On in P Soft Coral 332

Swatches in various lighting

Here are the rest of the collection...

I will play with the products for sometimes... will do a LOTD using the palette on seperate entry.

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