Haraju-Cute Box Four - Diamond Beauty

The 4th Haraju-Cute bloggers' box is the brand "Diamond Beauty"

Inside the cute little pink tin box is 3 products from Diamond Beauty..
Diamond Beauty Blush in Creamy Pearl (Highlight shade)
Diamond Beauty Cream blush in Strawberry Pink
Diamond Beauty Cream shadow in Mint Gold.

Diamond Blush in Creamy Pearl (Highlight shade)
Price : SD$23.90

Ingredients list...

I got 2 of the Diamond Beauty blushes and I like never blog about it before, so might as well feature it together ^_^)
(Explain the different tone of the pics)

Diamond Blush in Apricot Pink
Price : SD$23.90

Ingredients list....

Diamond Blush in Gold Jewelry (Highlight shade)
Price : SD$23.90

Ingredients list...

I put all 3 blushes together for a group shot (I feel like getting the other "blush" shade.. cos the cheek color(Apricot Pink) look so pretty on the cheeks(skin).

I'm soooo loving the sleek acrylic casing... it so simple, neat and sleek at the same time!!

Swatches in various lighting...
From left to right : Creamy Pearl, Gold Jewelry and Apricot Pink..

The apricot pink feel and apply very smoothly on the skin and the shimmers wasn't as visible like the two highlight shade.

Creamy Pearl feel abit chalky (I means creamy type of chalky.. but it does smoothen and blended out evenly.

Diamond Beauty cream shadow in Mint Gold
Price : SD$14.90

A little pan of glittery cream shadows...
This will look super pretty ontop of a dark or black base!

Diamond Beauty Cream Cheek in Strawberry Pink
Price : SD$18.90

Ingredients list...

Swatches in various light..
The cream blush feel really creamy and moist when I pick up the color with my finger.. but it blend out into "powdery" texture.

Doesn't feel oily nor cakey on the cheek.

Diamond Beauty is available exclusively at Guardian.
Price : From SD$14.90 - SD$23.90

I will do a LOTD using these products on seperate post soon.

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I'm not affiliated with the company.
Product was provided (except the 2 blushes that I purchased seperately)

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