Introducing Dasoda

In mid November 2012, Sasa introduce a New Japanese brand Dasoda to Singapore, a brand that focus on the window of soul.... "eyes" with liquid eyeliners, mascara and undereye brightener concealer....

Sasa will launch Dasoda Mega series and SJ series...

About the Brand....

Dasoda pride
All their products contain ingredients that will repairs and moisturizes and nourish the roots of the lashes.

Dasoda Mega series


Cosme #1 liquid liner
Dadoda MF Mega Liquid Liner
Price : SD$19.90


Cosme #1 mascara
Dadoda MG Mega Volume Mascara
Price : SD$25.90

Dadoda MG Mega Long Mascara
Price : SD$25.90

Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Concenler
Price : SD$25.90

Dasoda SJ Series

Dadoda SJ Liquid Eyeliner
Price : SD$19.90
(Will be featuring this eyeliner with swatches at the lower half of this post...)

Dasoda SJ Volume and Long Mascara
Price : SD$25.90


Dadoda SJ Separate and Curl mascara
Price : SD$25.90

More about the model "Juliana"

 The one I will be reviewing is Dadoda SJ Real Liquid Eyeliner in cocoa brown ....

The packaging (Front and back view)

A liquid liner that is
free of coal-tar colorants (won't stain the skin)
5 moisturizing ingredients added that will benefit skin and lashes.

Ingredients list...
(Click to enlarge)


  • The tip is easy to control
Super fine brush pen with 0.1mm tip
  • The brown pigment wasn't too intense on first "draw" (abit too light), but intensity is buildable.
Because it's free of coal-tar colorants (So the colorants dont remain on the skin)
  • Waterproof
  • Smudgeproof
  • Dries pretty fast
  • The brown look really sweet on the skin (kinda soften the whole look)
  • Easy to remove with makeup remover (Cleansing oil or point makeup remover)
  • The tip is easy to control
  • Doesn't make a mess when using the liquid liner
  • Doesn't cause any irritation on my skin

Normally I prefer black liner, cos it goes well with "darker and intense" eyeshadows...  but brown is a good alternative for softer look....

With brown eyebrows, pale shimmer eyeshadow and brown liner just make the whole facial features look more dreamy.. dont you think?? Kekekeke...

Dasoda is available exclusively at SASA Singapore
Price range from SD$19.90 - SD$25.90


I'm not affiliated with the company
Product was provided for consideration

Information was extracted from press file.

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