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Burberry Beauty Vintage Gold Counter Party


Simple Call 6836 5516 or email to RSVP
Come see Larry Yeo work his magic ^^

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Introducing Dr.Hauschka

Dr Hauschka, a Unique and Natural Approach to Health and Beauty cosmetics brand. I've heard about Dr Hauschka but never really check out their products before. Dr Hauschka has a counters all over Singapore (Sephora, unity and ects...) but your got to check out their stand alone store located at ION - small but pack with goodies that you will need from head to toes (including toothpaste!!).

About Dr Hauschka::
Dr Hauschka is known the world over its holistic, natural yet effective skincare products and makeup, which lead the way to radiant skin and a glowing complexion.

One of the trailblazing natural and organic brands here in Asia, Dr Hauschka demonstrates a real commitment to nature - from the biodynamic farming methods used to row and harvest every single plant and flower, to the chemical-free methods in which the products are processed. This holistic process, from crop to cream, ensures maximum efficacy.

Here's are some of the products displayed in the store ~ 

Dr.Hauschka skincare

Dr.Hauschka hand cream

Dr.Hauschka Deodorant

Dr.Hauschka Body moisturizer

Dr.Hauschka body oil

Dr.Hauschka toothpaste, mouth wash and body lotion

Dr.Hauschka makeup range

Presentation on Dr.Hauschka history, ingredients, projects and WALA Garden! 
(Check out their website if you wanna read more about it!)

Received a bag of Dr.Hauschka travel size products to try it out!

This is a fun and interesting session, learned alot about Dr.Hauschka.... you can pop by the store to check out their products.

Dr.Hauschka @ ION
ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #B3-55/56 Singapore 238801
Tel: (65) 6634 3808
(65) 6734 3386
Fax : (65) 6634 8827

Information extracted from press file/website
I'm not affiliated with the company.

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Introducing Sulwhasoo in Singapore - A Legacy of Traditional Korean Beauty Wisdom

[Products intro/Price list]

Sulwhasoo Korea’s No.1 Brand arrives in Singapore. Long favored in Korea for its unparalleled use of traditional energy-balancing preparations and holistic approach to skincare, Sulwhasoo introduces a completely new category of beauty care.

Available in Singapore for the first time, Sulwhasoo offers Singaporean women unprecedented access to the beauty secrets of the east, allowing women to tap into the benefits of the pioneering brand’s holistic methods. The highly coveted collection is synonymous with skincare, boasting more than half the herbal medicine cosmetics market share in Korea and ranked #1 nationally.

Sulwhasoo is the Korean translation of the snowflower which is known to bloom even under the most severe circumstances.
Sulwhasoo represents and celebrates women’s beauty and inner strength.

A Luxury Holistic Brand blending indigenous medicinal herbs through traditional Korean methods. Sulwhasoo draws on ancient wisdom to balance the inner energies that contribute to a nourished, healthy complexion.
The sought-after Korean skincare brand elicits the innate benefits of herbal remedies and time-honored preparations by blending fresh indigenous ingredients in an optimal balance, promoting vitality and youthful skin.

Sulwhasoo's Major Ingredient- Ginseng
Regarded as the best traditional herb in Korea, the Korean Ginseng is more superior than those grown in U.S. and China. Sulwhasoo's roots began in 1966, when its late founder launched the first 'ginseng cream'. Since then, this 'miraculous' herb is core inSulwhasoo's product development for skin rejuvenation and refinement.

The Poje Method – A Korean Tradition
The wisdom of Korean traditional medicine considers the harmony of Yin and Yang and is not limited to one dimension. From the wisdom of Sang-Seng, the fundamental spirit of Sulwhasoo, to the theory of Korean traditional herbal skincare, to the Poje method applied to match the characteristics and efficacies of ingredients, Sulwhasoo deploys only the core of multi-dimensional Korean herbal medicinal skincare science.

Korean herbal medicinal formula achieves the best effects when fresh and treated ingredients are adequately blended, Sulwhasoo has adopted the Poje Method to maximize even the hidden efficacies of ingredients which are baked, steamed, fermented, or vinegared are detoxified, enriched, or preserved for a longer period of time.

Sulwhasoo's #1 Bestseller
First Care Activating Serum (SD$106 60ml)

Since its introduction in 1997, the First Care Activating Serum has risen to be the #1 bestseller in Korea with 9 bottles sold every minute. Used as the first step of the skincare regimen, this serum is formulated with Milkvetch to promote skin circulation, Dwarf Lilyturf and Licorice to boost and synergize the efficacy of the products used after it.

First Care Activating Serum (limited edition) – Tribute to TANGS (SD$140 90ml)
In celebration of TANGS’ 80th anniversary, Sulwhasoo is launching a limited edition range of bestseller First Care Activating Serum that features the Singapore’s iconic TANGS Plaza. This star product, in which 9 bottles are sold every minute, will come in a bigger bottle...

HOLIDAY: The Season of Sharing with Loved Ones
SULWHASOO Essential Holiday Sharing Edition
Price: SD$88

Sulwhasoo Essential Holiday Sharing Limited Edition consists of travel-sized best-sellers and provides a great opportunity to your loved ones to experience the wisdom of Sulwhasoo at a very special introductory price.
  • Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil 50ml
  • Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum 40ml
  • Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream 25ml


Price List...
Skincare – Cleansing line
  • Herbal Soap (SD$50)
Aged in a 40-day curing process, this premium handmade soap is formulated with six-year-old red ginseng and Korean traditional medicine ingredients for a rich, revitalizing foamy lather
  • Gentle Cleansing Oil (SD$50)
This liquid cleansing oil helps promote clarity by effectively removing impurities as White Birch promotes the skin’s natural circulation to restore a healthy glow.
  • Gentle Cleansing Foam (SD$50)
Prunus Mume Fruit Extract hydrates as Dokudami soothes in this non-stripping cleanser, leaving skin soft, hydrated and radiantly clean.

Skincare – Basic line
  • First Care Activating Serum (SD$106)
This essential regimen-boosting serum assures optimal skincare results by amplifying the effects of the treatments that follow, promoting balance and replenishing essential moisture via membranous Milkvetch, Licorice and Dwarf Lilyturf
  • Essential Balancing Water (SD$68)
Purslane hydrates and Matrimony Vine soothes and calms while promoting deep hydration in this skin moisturizing gel-textured toner
  • Essential Balancing Emulsion (SD$78)
Mountain Peony softens skin texture as Yai Jiu Hua improves skin clarity in this skin-smoothing, moisture-rich emulsion
  • Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream (SD$136)
This age-defying eye cream revitalizes delicate skin around the eyes and reduces lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness with six-year-old Korean Red Ginseng Saponin, Yai Jiu Hua and Honey
  • Essential Firming Cream (SD$108)
This firming and lifting cream restores skin’s natural healthy resilience with detoxifying Adlay Millet and restorative, contouring Pomegranate and Ginkgo Biloba
  • Essential Revitalizing Serum (SD$158)
This skin resurfacing solution refines the skin and improves density via antioxidant-rich Machilus Tree

Skincare – Hydro-aid line
  • Hydro-aid Moisturizing Lifting Toner (SD$68)
Mulberry extracts gently exfoliate and licorice extracts soothe sensitive skin after cleansing. Supplies ample moisture to the skin
  • Hydro-aid Moisturizing Lifting Eye Serum (SD$128)
Satsuma Mandarin extracts revitalizes the moisture flow in the skin to firm and brighten the eye area. Instantly reduces puffiness with its cool texture
  • Hydro-aid Moisturizing Lifting Serum (SD$148)
A Korean medicinal seaweed formula in capsules to deliver active mineral ingredients to deep inside the skin. Bei Xuan Shan extract revitalizes the moisture inside the skin for hydration and recuperation.
  • Hydro-aid Moisturizing Lifting Cream (SD$132)
Psyllium extract promotes skincell regeneration for hydration and plumpness. The gel-like texture gently spreads on the skin and quickly absorbs to form a skin-friendly moisture barrier.
  • Hydro-aid Moisturizing Lifting Mist (SD$48)
Purslane instantly moisturizes the skin, while Adhesive Rehmannia quickly relieves stress to comfort the skin.
  • Hydro-aid Moisturizing Lifting UV Protection Cream (SD$68)
A moisturizing, lifting, UV protection cream formulated with traditional Korean herbs to prevent dehydration, and to promote supple and firm skin. [SPF 50+ / PA+++]

Skincare – Timetreasure line
  • Timetreasure Perfecting Water (SD$130)
Formulated with Korean medicinal herbs, this water delivers luxurious hydration to the deepest layers of the skin. Red Pine provides deep hydration and is absorbed quickly, leaving the skin soft and smooth
  • Timetreasure Perfecting Emulsion (SD$150)
This emulsion promotes a soft glow while simultaneously refining skin texture.
  • Timetreasure Renovating Serum (SD$370)
This serum restores skin’s vitality. The concentrate of five germinated mixed seeds and fruits such as Prunus Mume fruit, Azuki-bean, Quince, Korean Pine and Sesame promoting youthful-looking skin and effectively diminishes signs of aging.
  • Timetreasure Renovating Cream (SD$498)
Formulated with Korean Medicinal Herbs, this luxuriously textured cream promotes youthful, healthy looking skin.
  • Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream (SD$310)
An exclusive anti-oxidant complex that helps to improve skin's defense and reduce puffiness. Red Ginseng Saponin reduces the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles while creating a protective layer around the delicate eye area, restoring youthful looking skin.

Skincare – Option line
  • Skin Clarifying Mask (SD$60)
This gentle yet effective peel-off mask restores skin’s natural clarity with Small Solomon’s Seal Powder, Honey, and Honeysuckle to replenish nourishment, remove impurities and promote clearer, smoother, brighter skin
  • Overnight Vitalizing Treatment (SD$68)
This overnight mask awakens skin’s natural glow with nourishing moisture and herbal extracts like brightening Acutelobed Angelica and Pomegranate as well as restorative Walnut and White Mulberry
  • Benecircle Massage Cream (SD$96)
Prickly Pears, Japanese Red Pine, Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract restore skin's vitality by promoting skin's natural circulation. This cream spreads softly onto the skin and envelopes the skin in nourishing herbs to boost the massage effects.

Skincare – Body line
  • Essentrue Body Serum (SD$70)
The natural essential oil complex of Pine Nut Oil, Lotus Fruit Oil, Camellia Oil, Prunus Mume Oil, and Apricot Kernel Oil hydrates dry skin and restores loss of resilience for your body.

Skincare – Men’s line
  • Essential Skin Refiner for Men (SD$84)
This gel-like toner contains Chins Skullcap and Japanese Red Pine extract from Jeongyangdan which calms and soothes the skin following shaving.
  • Moisturizing Fluid for Men (SD$70)
Ginger Extract from Jeongyangdan nourishes the skin and promotes moisture balance. This fluid delivers effective hydration, leaving the skin soft and smooth.
  • Energizing Cream for Men (SD$128)
Japanese Corneilan Cherry and Red Mushroom extract of Jeongyangdan help restore vitality and firms skin. Enzyme treated Red Ginseng Saponin effectively reduces lines and wrinkles.
  • Sun Cream for Men (SD$58)
A powerful sunscreen that protects the skin from optical aging. Absorbs quickly and penetrates without stickiness for a clean, matte finish. Protects the skin from UV rays (SPF 50+, PA+++)

Makeup – Evenfair range
  • Evenfair Base (SD$72)
A makeup base that evens and smoothens skin for optimal makeup effect. Contains [UV Protection (SPF 25,PA++)]
  • Evenfair Foundation (SD$76)
A creamy-soft foundation that gently embraces your skin for subtle radiance. Contains [UV Protection (SPF 25,PA++)]
  • Evenfair Powder Foundation (SD$86)
Peach Blossom-like Powder diffuses light to leave your skin light and bright all day. Contains [UV Protection (SPF 25,PA++)]



Information and images extracted from Press file

Monday, November 26, 2012

CHIC KISS LOVE The Marketplace shopping extravaganza begins on 3rd Dec 2012

Coming December 2012, Chic Kiss Love will be hitting the shopping and fashion scene again, but this time bigger, better and longer. Going beyond the local scene, Chic Kiss Love 2 will be bridging the shopping scenes across Malaysia and Singapore, from the comfort of the shopper’s home.

Titled “The Marketplace” this online shopping bazaar promises a hassle-free week-long shopping extravaganza from the 5th to 10th of December. The event will be held online where the 12 pioneering labels together with new established fashion giants and up-and-coming ones unite on a single platform to showcase their collections.

Not only can customers expect new and exclusive collections from well-loved labels as well as discounts set especially for the festive season, they will also have the rare chance to get acquainted with the new brands within the alliance. The Marketplace goes one step further in establishing the alliance, filtering the fashion scene and presenting only the best online labels which showcase the seamless combination of both design and quality.

In order to continue to provide the shopping experience that customers relate Chic Kiss Love to, the site possesses a back-end system that is built with powerful filtering capabilities. Intuitive categories such as price, colours, occasions and brands will serve shoppers’ needs to find what they need quickly and accurately. Every user is empowered to shape his or her own shopping experience through a dynamic tagging system which allows customization of the page that they are viewing.

Payment through iBanking and Paypal in both Singapore and Malaysia completes the hassle-free and crowdless shopping environment. Brand owners are not left out of the convenience mechanism as the back-end promises an easy listing and uploading system to significantly reduce the amount of time required to upload and present their products.

This December, Chic Kiss Love will give their shoppers a reason to be jolly.

  • The launch of The MarketPlace and The online sale starts from 3rd Dec 2012
  • Enjoy free shipping within SINGAPORE and MALAYSIA
  • 37 labels, featuring top labels like THE CLOSET LOVER (SG) and MILKTEE (MY)
  • This is the first time ever that top fashion labels from SG and MY are coming together to sell their things on a platform, and offering free shipping in both countries.
  • CHIC KISS LOVE will be holding some contests and giveaways for labels to win shopping credits & freebies.
  • Stay tuned to chic kiss love's twitter (@chickisslove) and Facebook Page ( as they will be running the contests and giveaways really soon!
  • CHIC KISS LOVE will be partner up with Vanity Trove for this event and will be giving away some free troves on their facebook page

Participating labels:
  • Singapore
Earl Grey Party, DressIn' Closet, Dressabelle, Fabfad, Frockettes, Hello! Blogshop, Hungover sundays, Love Schues, Magenta Monday, Momoteapots, My Little Bow, Kristine's Collection, Pearlavish, Ragdoll Store, Red Velvet Rose, The Closet Lover, The Design Closets, The Phrenzy, The Stage Walk, The White Alley, Teacey Love, Thread Theory, Tinge Of Black, Vogue fashion house, Yventually, Why So Vain, xHysteria
  • Malaysia
Baby Bedazzled, By Alice Loh, Luccacal, Milktee, Nude Not, Sometime, Peep Boutique, Su-Estilo, Sugar Dressing, The Arrogant Minnie, Vicnity

How The Marketplace works

The Chic Kiss Love Market Place is an online sale event lasting a week. Brands under the Chic Kiss Love alliance from Singapore and Malaysia will feature not only exclusive collections but also take part in a massive sale bazaar. Powered by customization and convenience, the alliance has pinned down every detail for the savvy shopper to enjoy the ultimate shopping experience from the comfort of their homes.

1) Create an account
This will allow a more convenient check-out process as payment details and individual profiles will be locked in by the system.

2) Tagging of items on site
All items on site will be tagged according to various attributes. For example: #Floral, #Red dress, #Christmas, etc. Recommended tags such as those Recently Searched, Most Searched, and Best Sellers will be automatically tagged to items based on their on-site activity.

3) Powerful filtering system
Users are able to browse through items through intuitive categories such as different price points, colours, occasions and brands to make for quicker shopping. For those who would prefer a more minimalistic interface showing only what they like, they will be directed to a page where they can choose up to 10 of their favourite items. The system then monitors the tags attached to these items and identifies similar trends before collating and generating a page suited to what the individual likes.

4) Payment infrastructure
The payment process will begin upon “checkout” and customers across Singapore and Malaysia can pay via iBanking or Paypal.
Shipping is free.


I'm not affiliated with CHIC KISS LOVE
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lancome Teint Miracle Pressed Powder

Recently, Lancome introduce a new addition to the Lancome Teint Miracle family - The Teint Miracle Pressed Powder, the Complexion perfection.

Being a fan of sheer, dewy, glowy base finishing... I kinda excited when I heard about the launching of Teint Miracle pressed powder (^_^)

Enriched with the exclusive Aura-inside technology, it reproduces the natural light of the most beautiful skin. Instantly, complexion lights up with a sublimely bare with truly flawless finish.

Formulated with an infinitely gentle and light-as-air texture the Teint Miracle Pressed Powder mattifies skin without stifling its natural radiance and casing any powdery effect.

Aura Inside Technology
  • Boosts surface radiance with translucent micro mirror
  • Recreates skin's inner light for a natural glow with pink and blue bio-optic pigments

Shine and sebum control with extremely lightweight texture
  • Pillow effect polymers mattifies skin with leaving a powdery effect.

Creamy Silky Fillers
  • Provides an extremely smooth and non-drying touch

Look at how soft the pressed powder look in the pan....

I like how dewy and light the Teint Miracle liquid foundation feels on my skin...
NOW... all pics taken and uploaded... I can "touch" it!! Kekekekeke (:b) Will update you all on how I feel about this pressed powder soooon.

[Click to enlarge]

Ingredients list
[Click to enlarge]

The pressed Powder came with a soft but dense brush for light application on the skin to set the liquid foundation or for touching up.

Available in 4 shades
Price : SD$65.00

Available at all Lancome beauty counters and Sephora Singapore frm Oct 2012 onwards.

Product was provided for consideration.
I'm not affiliated with the company.

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Lancome 2012 Holiday Collection - TresOR

[New Launch/Products introduction]

Check out the Lancome Holiday Collection few weeks ago... and I'm WOW by limited editon casing/packing of the Ombre Hypnose Mono eyeshadow. Gold + glittery <3 the tone/shade for this collection is simple beautiful in a soft and luxuries "feels".

Fascinated by the magnificence of the city of lights, and by it sumptuous receptions, Ernest Hemingway paid homage to Paris by writing "Paris est une fète" (The moveable feast) - a sparkling and ultra chic feast in the most majestic locations.

For the end of the year, Lancome brings us in this open-air ballroom imagined by the writer, where Paris is dressed in gold.

Shiny crystal chandeliers are reflecting on the golden mesh dresses of some elegant women. This gives the tone of this baroque and generous collection.

TresOR, a jewel-collection for your prescious moments.

Petit TresOR
Discover the new ombre Hypnose Mono limited edition collection adorned with golden glitters.
The jewel like case encloses a treasure new formula.

Woven like a mesh fabric, this fine texture offers a very sparkling formula to create the most dynamic and scintillating eye effects.

These 2 close up shot is shade Fil D'argent(S207)

So pretty right... don't feel like "touching/destory" it! lolx

Pure golden pigments combined with the luxurious texture offer an excellent pick up and color pay-off that lasts for up to 16 hrs. This formula can be used dry or wet to increase the color intensity.

Available in 3 shades
Fil D'argent(S207), Fil De Bronze(S208) and Fil F'or(S112)
Retail price : SD$36.00

[Left to Right : Fil D'argent(S207), Fil De Bronze(S208) and Fil F'or(S112)]

Close up
Look how smooth these shadows look....

Les Paillettes Aux Yeux

Les Paillettes Aux Yeux contains loose sparkles in a "shaker-jar" for easy application to the eyes. (The jar is a glass jar)

It is easily blendable thanks to its powdery formula which offers "golden jewel shimmers" for an intense glow.

Swatches in various lighting....
SOOOOO pretty...  a NEED for shimmer lovers <3<3<3<3<3

Color Play:
Used as a top coat over ombre hypnose mono to dramatize the glitter effect.

Combine the shades with a matching eyeshadow for a festive tone-on-tone makeup result, or over a contrasting shade for a more daring result.

Available in ONE shade (Lumieres de Paris)
Retail price : SD$36.00

L'absolu Rouge
The timeless lip classic in Lancome is revisited in this collection with 3 new limited edition shades. Infused with golden reflections, they are the holiday must-haves.

Available in 3 shades
Rubis Infini, Opale Fatale and  Agate Delicate


Received Ombre Hypnose MonoHypnose in Fil D'argent(S207) and Les Paillettes Aux Yeux from this collection.. will post the LOTD using both products next...

I'm not affilated with the company.
Products were provided for consideration.

Information was extracted from press kit.