Orapup - Helps Cure Dog Breath (tongue brush)

OMY... I can't help but HAVE to share this....
Few years ago, I bought 2 Orabrushes.. I love them..... and I keep thinking how great it would be if they come out with a tongue brush for dog!

They DID!!!!! (I just ordered, think need to wait for a couple of months?? Anyway, I dont care! Kekekekkee)

Link ::


If you wanna contribute/order. order at your own risk, because Me also first time ordering thur http://www.indiegogo.com.

(Both ora websites are quite prompt at replying emails/comments and they do update on their progress often.)

I'm not affiliated with orabrush/orapup or indiegogo. 
I'm just sharing the joy of a new product!!!!