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Lady Million - A women’s fragrance by Paco Rabanne

A women’s fragrance by Paco Rabanne
A multi-faceted diamond
Lady MILLION Eau de Toilette

Extravagant and unfailingly dazzling, this femme fatale is just like a diamond, unique and yet many-sided, brilliant and faceted. Excessively, of course, and luminous like a shower of diamonds… Lady MILLION Eau de Toilette displays the freshness of a woody fresh floral bouquet.

The Fragrance
Created by the renowned perfumer Anne Flipo (IFF), Lady MILLION Eau de Toilette is fresh and luminous.

Explanations from Anne Flipo:
“The Lady MILLION woman is brilliant, always caught up in seduction, gambling and competition. We find this strength, femininity and sensuality in the Eau de Toilette, but with a more luminous, fresher signature.
Like a diamond, the Lady MILLION fragrance offers a multitude of facets, allowing you to experience it differently every time. We opted for green and floral notes such as lily of the valley, gardenia or even hyacinth; white flowers given a fresher approach to bring a distinctive illumination. Lily of the valley is essential.We chose it for its cheerfulness, crispness and energetic green side.
The base remains the same: sensual, soft and sexy.
The top and heart notes are exuberant while bringing a real luminosity, like a very enveloping breeze of freshness
We finish with the perfume’s incredibly sensual and vibrant sillage. We therefore find this addictive woody floral once again – with other feminine, playful, sensual and seductive facets – in the same vein as Lady MILLION Eau de Parfum.”
Vibrant and sensual, Lady MILLION Eau de Toilette is a fresh woody floral.
The first notes hold the promise of intoxication. Neroli essence and lily of the valley rival each other in sensuality and radiant freshness. The utterly feminine heart blends gardenia with the luminosity of hyacinth.
But the ultimate exhilarating seduction is revealed, combining the softness of honey with the sensual pulses of patchouli.

The amber sillage has an enveloping effect. It whirls and varies at every movement of air, offering its most beautiful facets like the play of light on a diamond.

The Bottle
The French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance took his inspiration from the shape and size of the famous Regent diamond on display in the Louvre museum in Paris to create the Lady MILLION bottle. A gold bottle, naturally, reminiscent of the 1 MILLION ingot: streamlined, luminous and designed without a specific base to rest like a diamond, on one of its facets.
While the Lady MILLION Eau de Toilette bottle retains the architectural, sparse appearance of this Regent-style diamond in every way, its colours differ very slightly. The gold of the cap adopts a soft, luminous shade on which Lady MILLION’s iconic logo is inscribed in white letters.

The bottle itself is every girl's best friend - Diamond! Look really pretty on my dressing table.. but pretty packaging means "break" alert!! I was so afraid that I will drop it everytimes I use it!! lolx
The top part of the fragrance's bottle (diamond) look like a Lux chocolate's packaging. The gold and the white, they look so good together... though I prefer Gold with hotpink (weird combo, I know!!!!!)
The scent...
On first sniff(kekeke)... it was a soft but refreshing citric scent (not too sweet).. and on my skin... it's a mixture of honey, gardenia and lily.... and dries down to just a sweet but alittle bit musky honey scent.

I hope I explained well. (I'm not really good at explaining "scent" cos in my dictionary.. I only know citric (which I love), sweet, musky and woody... ^___^)
Normally, if I'm telling my gfs or sisters how this scent smell like... I will say "Oh, it smell really nice... refreshing, citric-y and on my skin it become abit floral type of sweetness and then I just smell sweet sweet ...." Kekekeke (See, I'm no good at explaining)

Check out my "diamond"!

Ingredients list....
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Lady MILLION, the saga
A smile on her lips, she snaps her fingers and it works like a charm.
They are still talking about Lady MILLION…
Determined, brilliant and playful, Lady MILLION, in the guise of Dree Hemingway, runs the show. In a blend of provocation and humour, rivalry is the name of the game. The Lady MILLION and 1 MILLION (played by Matt Gordon) couple come head to head on the same playing fields… where fantasy and seduction meet. The story continues, the competition is heating up.
An unprecedented Eau de Toilette, a new visual, a new film, a new game is being played out between 1 MILLION and Lady MILLION…

Dree Hemingway
Ernest’s great-granddaughter, she is the daughter of actress Mariel Hemingway (the unforgettable Tracy, Woody Allen’s girlfriend in “Manhattan”) and director Stephen Crisman. Following in the footsteps of her aunt Margaux Hemingway, Dree has emerged as an international top model in two years.
She is now featuring on the big screen, playing the leading role in the film “Starlet” directed by Sean Baker, alongside Besedka Johnson and James Ransone. And Dree will also be appearing in another film “Nous York” by the director of “Tout ce qui brille” (All that glitters) Géraldine Nakache.
The iconic face of Paco Rabanne’s fragrance for women Lady MILLION, Dree freely admits that she feels similar to the character “in the way that she takes risks and has fun”. A sense of complicity that shows no signs of stopping…
Lady MILLION Eau de Toilette, the film...

More daring and determined than ever, Lady MILLION is unpredictable. A free woman, she stands as man’s equal without losing an ounce of femininity. Quite the contrary. We discover Dree Hemingway as a femme fatale with the upper hand…

Hitchcockian blonde and a slender ultra-modern couture silhouette, combined with 50s Hollywood glamour, accentuate her style. The ultimate seduction is played out one-on-one, at the wheel of one of the most iconic sports cars, the Jaguar E-Type. In a fusion of fantasy and snapping fingers, the images follow one after the other at a frenzied pace. Lady MILLION controls the game. Amused, 1 MILLION seems to yield… But who will win this time?
Edited like a video clip, the punchy humour-filled film was directed by the Swedish director Johan Renck. A multi-talented artist, Johan directs for the cinema, television, fashion and music. In particular, he made an international name for himself through his work with Beyoncé, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams, and The Libertines, to name just a few.
The fashion photographer Nathaniel Goldberg has shot all of the visuals since the MILLION adventure began. (1 MILLION in 2008, Lady MILLION Eau de Parfum in 2010, Lady MILLION Eau de Toilette in 2012)
Last but not least, we recognise the musical signature, “Do it again” by the Chemical Brothers, a cult track reorchestrated for this new film and now associated with the MILLION saga.

Price List ::
Paco Rabanne Lady Million EDT
SD$139 [80ml] and SD$111 [50ML]
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