Monday, July 02, 2012

Random collective haul

I haven't been doing "haul" post for awhile now.. mostly selected haul entry with one or more item under the same brand (with swatches)...reason being, I don't shop much  (I think)... kekekeke

Recently... got some stuff thru Ming(miwitch) when she went to Japan and also thru her brother when he went to Taiwan... I didn't go crazy.. kekekeke... cos I have nothing in mind I really want ...  I totally blank out when she asked me what I want! Kekekke (For me, It's much easier to shop physically ^____^)

DollyWink brow mascara in shade #01 (From Taiwan) About SD$17+
(Still alot cheaper then Singapore which retail for SD$21.90)

Got these 4 brushes thru Ming's friend in China (Can't remember how much I got these... I know they are cheaper then sigma brushes)

I saw this heart shaped brush on one taiwanese blog and have been wanting to get one. And NOW I have it! Kekekekke

Shu uemura casing - About SD$14 each from Japan.

Intedrate BBcream with SPF25 PA+ (Ming gave this to me.. so no clue on the pricing)

This is a tiny tube of bbcream!

Rohto Lycee eyedrops from Japan
(Twin pack for around SD$14)

Chacott For Professionals - enriching powder HD from Japan(about SD$30+)

This is forgotten buy... Verlyn got these for me
(These only cost SD$2 each!!! I remember John Little have these but not as cheap)
Mio Piccolo's blushes and brow's mascara

I haven't open these yet - let me know if you want swatches.. I'll edit in ^_^

Recently, I have been thinking about getting some "oil" products for my super dry eczema skin on my legs... and I saw these when I passes by The Bodyshop last week.... the handcream was kinda impulse buy! lolx
The Bodyshop Beautifying oil (SD$22.90) and Cranberry Joy handcream(SD$14.90).

They are 4 types of oils...  Moringa, Shea, olive and strawberry Beautifying oils (I got Moringa and Shea) .. I got these at promotional price of SD$14.90 each. I'm thinking of getting the other 2 (hopefully the promotion still ON)
The oil feel nice on dry skin... but best to apply right after shower when skin is still moist. (These oil can be apply on body, face and hair)
NYX Jumbo Pencils - My sis got these for me a couple months ago when she saw these around her work place. I don't really like these cos it's too creamy.. but they work alright with a primer. (SD$7.90 each)

Rachel K Mineral Color Control(Ming gave this to me on Christmas)
KATE Mineral Liquid foundation (I won this thru some facebook giveaway)
ettusais BB mineral cream shade #10(Got this last year and I totally forgot about it!!!! Price - SD$38)

Lavshuca Fairy Candy Cheeks in PK(01)
Sophia still rememberd I wanted this! (Where I totally forgot about it!! -_-")  Thank You sooooooo much ^_^
She also include a Hello Kitty Handcream and Solone Gel like smoody pencil <3<3<3<3<3<3

Pretty cool that they seperate the "balls" and the casing.. very neat and clean~

Very pigmented and the shade... PRETTY~


I first read about Solone on 矮靈's blog (here) and you can check out Sophia's swatches (here)

OOOh... creamy and oh so pretty~

Bourjois Paris Intense Extrait in 03 (SD$17.90 - I think~ can't remember)
The super pretty glitters doesn't show up as intense as the swatch (I should try it with a sticky base)

Essence nude glam nail polish (Price - SD$2.80)

L'oreal Color Infailible eyeshadows in 004 Forever Pink and 012 Endless Chocolat (Price -$14.90 each)
I got the endless chocolat during SASA promotion (2 for SD$22 - Share it with Kas ^_^)


Anna Sui Lash Amplifying Mascara in Pink (Price: SD$41)
I received a black one last year and I like the holding power of the mascara ... so I got the pink one ^_^

Shu uemura Color atelier collection eyeshadow - new colors(read about the launch here)
Price : SD$22 each

PES G251, PES G261 and PES G135 (The color look much intense!!)

Stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in Peacock (Price : SD$28)

Super creamy

Stila Jewel eye shadow in golden topaz (Price: SD$28)

The jewel shadow was really creamy - feel like a cream shadow but not really(lolx - I'm not good at explaining!)

Majolica Majorca Blood on cheek and lip balm.
(Can't remember the price for this... SD$17.90 or SD$19.90)

NIVEA Sun Invisible Protection - Transparent Spray SPF50
(Price : SD$23.90)

I used this to a yatch outing last week.. it does feel abit oily(not sticky) and it took awhile for it to fully settle into the skin. After while, the tiny bits of oilyness doesn't bother me and I kinda forgot that I apply anything. If feel light on the skin and the sunblock power was pretty GOOD! I didn't burn my skin at all!
SANA Easy Peel Cleansing Water (Price : SD$21.90)

I help my sister to get some The Face Shop stuff - they are having storewide 20% and members get additional 5% off
E'thym Collagen water moisture lotion(SD$17.90), Raspberry eye gel(SD$25.90) and Raspberry Sleeping mask(SD$25.90)

That's all...
Did you all shop any fun stuff???