Skin79 02 BB Cleanser

Recently Skin79 launched a new product to their line of skincare and makeup - 02 BB Cleaner. Together with this product they also welcoming their new ambassador... abracadabra.....  Brown Eyed Girls!!

SKIN79 02 BB Cleanser is a self-bubbling BB cleanser that offer a 6-in-1 effect.
  • O2 BB cleanser eliminates BB cream makeup of strong coverage with compact and rich bubbles.
  • It has a BRIGHTENING effect with 3 times more dense O2 Bubbletox system and the Maackia Fauriei & OBFN ingredients.
  • It contains the skin DETOX effect with micro O2 Bubble particles which clear up sebum and dead skin cells.
  • It offers ELASTICITY to the skin by supplying plenty of MOISTURE and creating a skin barrier with Chia seed and Oatmeal.
  • The self lifting massage with soft rolling effectively delivers the Acacia collagen ingredient to the skin with elasticity.
  • It is LOW IN STIMULATION with a Free Formula System, and contains no Parabens, Colour, and Pernicious ingredients from minerals or animals.
  • All Skin79 products are Eco-cert approved ingredients which relieve irritated skin from the external environment.

Skin79 new ambassador...  Brown Eyed Girls

[Seriously, I think Jokwon, Seulong, Taec, Wooyoung and Chansung... ruined the song.. cos whenever I heard abracadabra.. I only remember Dirty Eyed girls version! lolx]
Let see which skin79 BBcream represent the girls from BEG :::
Miryo - Loves to go under the sun. The high UV protection best fits her active character.
Narsha - Heart Beat- the best word to describe her. Soft & moisturizing VIP Gold BB is her choice.
Jea - Our newly launched O2 BB Cleanser is a must-have item in her BB collection!
Gain - Her cool character best represents the fresh & smooth Hot Pink BB.
(I like Gain hot pink dress)

Skin79 02 BB Cleanser is now available in Watsons, Sasa, John Little & BHG
Price: SD$24.90

Disclaimer: Product was provided for reviewing. I'm not affiliated with the company.
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