Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Hello Kitty Diamond Gloss

Hello Kitty make-up is coming into Singapore

Hello Kitty Diamond Gloss - Comes in a cocktail of 7 roll-on glosses in Lemon incest, orange Mecanique, Strawberry Fields, Pink Paradise, Big Apple, Eau de coco and Blueberry Nights. 

Packed in solid transparent bottles which easily see the acidulated colors.

Received Lemon incest, orange Mecanique and Eau de coco... plus an cute Hello Kitty note pad :)

The color and glitters wasn't strong enough to show on my lips... so no worry of having too much color on the lips and simple pick the scent that you like.

The gloss was pretty glossy and abit oily - doesn't feel waxy, thick nor sticky at all.

Price: SD$12.90
Available exclusively at Watsons.

"Kawaii" Hello Kitty Makeup are brought in by StarAsia Singapore
A leading distributing company which markets and distributes various of products ranging from skincares to makeup. Some of the brand under their belt are "Kawaii" Hello Kitty Makeup, skin79, Lip smackers, Clio & Peri Pera and ects...

I'm not affiliated with Hello Kitty nor StarAsia Singapore.
Products were provided for sampling.