NEW Dejavu control serum - A de-oiling beauty cream

dejavu will be releasing their latest product - dejavu control serum
A gel type beauty product de-oiling beauty cream that absorbs excess sebum to prevent make-up from running and stickiness.(can be use as makeup base).
"One application in the morning Works as "invisible oil-blotting paper" for non-shiny skin."

The control serum have dual oil control factors - it not only controlling sebum release on the skin surface, but also preventing it from deep under the skin. [內外雙重抑制肌膚出油問題的控油精華液]

On the skin surface
Using the Japan's exclusive technology - creating refreshing oil control particles to control sebum. The particles act like many invisible sponges that help to absorb oil on the surface.

針對亞洲女性肌膚出油狀況取樣設計, 粒子與粒子間隙大小以完美密度科技組成的海綿構造,恰如肌膚皮脂層崁有自動隱形海綿, 持續吸附肌膚皮層一整天分泌的多餘皮脂。]

Under the skin
Extracted the essence from the 4 plants[rosemary leaves, Prunella, Cockscomb Flower, Chloris virgata] using their exclusive recipe - creating serum thay will penetrate into the skin easily to control sebum formation, anti-bacterial, anit-inflammation, antioxidant while moisturizing the skin to keep it balance and well hydrated.

以迷迭香葉為首,搭配夏枯草,雞冠花子及虎尾草,四種植物經過獨家水解技術提煉萃取成清爽控油精華配方, 以微小分子的精華液型態,交互作用, 能深入肌膚出油根源,直接從「VDR」及「PPAR」這兩種受容體細胞控制皮脂生成,抑制過多油脂分泌,消炎抗菌, 抗氧及保濕, 維持肌膚正常油水平衡, 使肌膚水嫩自然。]

>>> This sound pretty cool right? An invisible oil-blotting paper!!! <<

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