Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday

I'm spending my christmas... relax and doing nothing at home (We are buddhist, so we don't celebrate Christmas at home) but we do love the joy of the festive.. (I love christmas period.. cos it all so colorful, loving, the joy of sharing, being together with friends and family ^_^ everyone seem to be cheerful and crazy(good type of crazy) around this period... and also not forgetting the christmas songs <3 )
Anyway... I wanna thanks these lovely folks for the wondering surprise....
Thanks Serenity Allure for the thoughtful gift (She saw my fb status that my "in-ear" earphone was spoiled.. so she got me one!) <3
Thanks Japalang for the surprise gift ^__^ the personalized ezlink card was really sweet.
My "taking advantage gift" (wink~)
Some random pics...
My two cute sisters...
(The tote bag was a free gift from one of the doggies foods - dog's not included)
Last night... Peapea and buibui are sleeping together while I'm watching some horror movies...
This week, I'm in the mood of horror movies.! OOohhhh.... also a good time for me to do some catching up(on movies that I've missed)... "Devil" was the best so far... I love it!
Any other good recommendation???
My sis bought alot of chocalates.... I'm not a sweet tooth person... but I do love some yummy chocalate in the middle of a cold cold night!(sinful~)
One of my fave.... Salty egg prawns... yum... and the flower deco are sooooo old school (love it)
My face is almost back to normal now... yeah!!!! I will be flooding my blog with alot of "LOTD" entries (I guess.... )
Christmas almost over so... enjoy the rest of the night ^_^

P/S: Not sure you all enjoy reading this kind of random(personal) entry.... anyway... Happy Holiday ^__^