Friday, November 04, 2011

Za goes RetroPop! New Limited Edition Cases

[New Launch]

Attended a small and intimate press launch @ Billy Bombers(Cineleisure) for the Za new Limited Edition Cases.

The set up and setting are so matchy with Billy Bombers setting!! (Very pop, retro and colorful!! Me likey~)

Za wanna take a step back from all the hectic lifestyles we are having now to a time where things are more simple, relaxing, colorful, frizzy, peace loving and jazzy... The 70s!! (I love 70s and 80s musics and fashion style!! kekekekee)

Everythings are so cheerful, bright and colorful <3<3<3

This Limited Edition Cases are ties with the Za Skin Beauty 2-Way Foundation, their #01 foundation for 13th years. (I think it will fit all ZA foundation refills)

Two different colors represents different moods (The hot pink is Jazzy Bubbles)(The black is Motley Candies)

The limited set comes with
  • a foundation case(Jazzy Bubbles or Motley Candies)
  • 2 Za Skin Beauty 2-Way Foundation refills
  • a glam pouch(in Gold or Silver)

The bottom of the case is transparent.

The limited Edition cases will be launch around late November 2011
  • Jazzy Bubbles RetroPop Limited Edition Case Packset - Price: SD$33.50
  • Motley Candies RetroPop Limited Edition Case Packset - Price: SD$33.50

I have Burger! YUM.. but the buns was abit HUGE :b

I'm not affiliated with the company.
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