Tuesday, November 08, 2011

NURSE+ (護士加) Organic Anti Blemish Bisabolol Fresh Cleanser


Nurse+ Organic Anti Blemish - Bisabolol Fresh Cleanser for Acne prone skin (retails for $30 @ flowers of pink blogshop.)

A perfect mix of herbal extracts and essential oils that works together to refresh and heal skin due to their natural purfifying antibacterial properties.The smooth cleansing milk type of texture, lathers up and gently cleanse and lift impurities, prevent blemishes and reduce sebum release.

The cleanser look like a solid lump inside the pretty light jade green glass jar. (It look more like a "scrub" product then a "cleanser"!)

Just add some water and lather up to a creamy milky foam with some tiny mirco bits(not much to cause any harshness on the skin)

Ingredients list...

->> Tea Tree Essential Oil ... fight blemishes.
->> Peppermint Essential oil to suck out sebum,
->> Lavender Essential oil for soothing and calm stress, irritation and itchy skin, prevent scarring and balancing the skin.
More about the product...

  • This cleanser was abit strong(not suitable for dry skin)
  • Good for fighting and soothe irritation skin. (epecially acne prone skin)
  • It Cleanse really well, loving the squeaky clean feel.
  • Skin doesn't feel dry.. but I do feel abit of tightness after I towel dry my face.
    It pretty normal, cos it cleanse off the sebum on the surface.
  • The scent wasn't too strong.. a mixture of tea tree, mint and lavender scent.
  • Contain abit of nut's shell bits, doesn't felt too harsh on the skin... since the bits were too little (after lathering up... almost can't feel any of it on the skin!)
  • Skin feel cool from the peppermint essential oil.
  • The foam feel creamy and it doesn't tug the skin.
I haven't have any serious crazy breakout lately, so this cleanser was abit strong for my skin now... but when my skin feel stuffy after along day out... I love using this. It's soothing, cooling and the scent is really relaxing.

Have been using this on and off for the past 2 months, it's doesn't cause any skin irritation nor breakout on my combination skin.

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