Friday, November 18, 2011

Amethystory - Skincares with Amethyst (Purple Crystal)


Last month, received 3 amethystory products from The Sample Store/Ginvera. When I read the products infos.. I was pretty interested in the idea of using amethyst(purple crystal) in the skincare's products.

Before amethystory, I knew that Biotherm aquasource have a series of products that have minerals; magnesium, zinc and copper catering for different skin needs. (I have tried the zinc and copper(though this was abit drying) and I LOVE it.), So because of the good experiences.. I can't wait to try this out (If it works out nicely.. this would be so affordable and wallet friendly!)

In this entry, I'm going to review the Mineral Bubble Face Wash and the Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer.

ingredients list....[click to enlarge]

The foam was pretty rich (look kinda like the Dove Lathering Oil Make-up remover foam.) dense and "heavy".

Here's my review on the bubble foam cleanser::
->>>>> leave a slighly grease(moisturizing??) feel after rinising off with water.
->>>>> Skin feel abit tight after towel dry.
This cleanser wasn't that moisturizing and it was abit too rich for daily use.
I have combination skin and lately skin was abit more dry then oily.((Confuse? Well, I think the "oil" level was abit high and oil doesn't means moisturizing.)) After using this foam cleanser for about a week, I noticed afew red seed bumps popping out around my cheeks. (My sis who have combination skin and she doesn't have any problems with it.. just not moisturizing enough). And it work quite ok when I don't use this everyday.
->>>>> Can't tell much about the scent cos, I have sinus(and during these few months - my nose is pretty useless). (I'll ask my sis about the scent and update later on)

I have neutral feeling on this bubble foam... not really liking it nor hating it.



Ingredients list... [Click to enlarge]

The texture of the toner was too thick nor too watery.

Here's my review on the Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer::
I was quite surprising that I LOVE this toner!!! Normally "whitening" skincares never sit well on my skin(except foundation or sunblock)... but this work so well on my skin!
->>>>> Cooling and refreshing
->>>>> moisturizing and soothing
->>>>> absorb really well and fast into the skin
->>>>> Skin feel soft and supple
->>>>> Didn't cause any irritation nor break-out
->>>>> It does brighten up the skin.. but I don't see any visible lightening on my skin shade.
I prefer to soak up a cotton square and pat it on my skin until skin feel cool before applying my serum/moisturizer. I simply love the feel of patting the lotion on my face.
->>>>> This work quite well with my serums and moisturizers.

((Note::: I did not use both products at the same time... I start using the toner first for about 2 weeks and knowing that I have no problems with it, I start using the bubble foam cleanser.))


Price list on the full range::

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