Friday, October 07, 2011

Skin79 Lovely Girl BBcream for B.B. Skin

Received a sweet surprise in the mail yesterday.

Oooh... baby!

To restore skin to its natural youthfulness, Lovely Girl BB Cream is pure, mild and gentle to the skin, providing adequate nourishment, 24 hour moisture, and protection that our skin needs. At the same time, it provides natural blemish coverage, leaving skin silky smooth and soft, with a velvety yet light texture.

From the release:::
->>> Made of natural ingredients
->>> Recommended for oily/ combination skin types, and is especially suitable for sensitive problem skin.
Baby Soft. Light texture BB cream that leaves skin silky smooth, velvety and soft.    
->>> Skin Nourishing. Packed with vitamins and minerals such as proteins, carbohydrates and chlorophyll that feed nutrients to restore health and youth to the skin.
->>> Moisturizing & Soothing. Mulberry, Marigold, and Portulaca Oleracea (Purslane) extracts rejuvenate exhausted and rough skin, locking in moisture all day long.
->>> Evens skin tone, clear & shine-free. Made of excellent porosity powder that prevents oil-shine, it balances the skin tone and leaves you with a fresh, matte complexion throughout the day.
->>> Natural blemish coverage. Herb complex & chlorella extracts brighten dull complexions, while providing natural blemish coverage with protective, revitalizing and healing powers.

[Note: This bbcream does contain Mineral oil, there's alot of saying about Mineral oil, but there are no real prove that it will be harmful to your skin. (I'm pretty clueless about it too!!! So, I just avoid it as a skincare products, because mineral oil won't penetrate into the skin, and it's most suitable to use as a last step of skincare routine to create a barrier to prevent moisture loss. Anyway, I simply love it when it's one of the ingredients in cleansing oil.]

Skin79 Lovely Girl BBcream - Price:: SD$21.90 (50g)
Exclusively available at selected Watsons stores.

I also received a sweet and lovely tin of shimmer powder (Not sure whether this is a retail item.)

So pink and girly <3<3<3<3<3

The shimmery powder was filled inside the puff...

Close up without flash.. (can you spot the powder?)


[above taken without flash][below taken with flash]

I will try the bbcream out for afew weeks before reviewing (Do note that the stuff mentioned above were information, it's was not a "REVIEW")

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Skin79, Products were provided for me to try it out/reviewing.