Sunday, October 30, 2011

MAC Glitter and Ice Holiday Collection

[Haul + swatches]

I popped by MAC @ Tangs on Friday to check out the holiday collection as I was pretty interested in getting the PaintPot (I love paintpot, so easy to use especially when I'm lazy, lolx)
So.. here's what I got ^,~

I love the packaging.. but my camera hate it! lolx

I got 2 paintpots (Let's Skate! and For Effect) and 2 Beauty Powder (How Beautiful! and Snowglobe).
Paintpot: Let's Skate!

This is love at first swatch (lolx)

[above pic- taken without flash / below taken with flash]


Swatches in various lighting...
[Left - heavy swatch / Right - blended out]

Let's skate! Paintpot is pale pink shade with pale gold and pink glitters. (Pearl Finish)

PaintPot: For effect

[top pic taken without flash/ bottom pic taken with flash]


Swatches in various lighting....

For effect is a black base(which look more greyish then black) with pearl glitters.(Pearl finsh)

Both paintpot have the same texture as the MAC cham-pale collection Paintpot (I regret for not getting dangerous cuvee Paintpot!!)
Next up would be the 2 beauty powder in How's beautiful! and Snowglobe.
I didn't plan on getting any of the beauty powder, cos its either too sheer or I hardly use them. But when I swatch it, I like how Snowglobe look on my skin(well... on the back of my hand) and it would be a nice highlight shade... I even swatched it on the back of my sister's hand(she's like 1-2 shades darker then me and it still look good on her).
So, when I'm still deciding whether to get it anot, my sis say..... "Get both"!!! She was rushing me as we are about to be late. And guess what? I think my brain just blackout cos I told the MUA that I want both! (lolx)  It's like buying for the sake of buying!!! lolx..
Anyway, when I swatches them just now,  I love how they look under natural lighting ^,~ (Kekkekee...)
MAC Beauty Powder in Snowglobe...

This is more towards light bronze shade...

MAC Beauty Powder in Snowglobe...

Swatches of both beauty powder in various lighting...

MAC PaintPot
Price: SD$35.00 (5g/0.17 US OZ)
MAC Beauty Powder
Price: SD$48.00 (10g/0.35 US OZ)
When I check out this collection, I was thinking about paintpot and nothing else... so totally forgot to swatch the liners(I will pop back to MAC soon to check them out!)
You can check out the whole collection from karlasugar (She always have wonderful and very "close/real live" swatches of the products.)

The above pic of the collection was taken from